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Best Hair Style of The Week- May 30, 2006

This week we have selected two hair styles instead of one. Both of these hair styles have become very popular. They are Katherine McPhee and Taylor Hicks. Taylor is the winner of the 2006 American Idol competition on Fox, and Katherine is the runner up.

Katherine McPhee: The long curly hair is very much in style and Katherine has made it even more popular. She has mentioned that she had hair extensions attached at some point and just loves the way her hair looks.

To create the Katherine McPhee hair style, you will need to apply a curl-enhancing creme or gel throughout the hair. Then use a blow-dryer with a diffuser attached. Dry the hair using your fingers, or even a large round brush. To add the curls, you can use several different curling irons of varying thickness throughout the hair. The different sizes will help create distinct curls. Or, you could use hot rollers or even velcro rollers to create the curls.

Some methods for creating the curls will take longer to do, or require more skill. So, it really depends what you are comfortable with and how much time you have. For optimum results, just make an appointment at your favorite salon and let the professionals do the work!

Taylor Hicks: Taylor has made gray hair popular. While most people are coloring their hair every month to cover the gray, Taylor is embracing the gray color. Of course, men can get away with the gray hair more than women can. To create the Taylor Hicks hair style, you should apply a styling gel throughout the hair and blow dry the hair normal. It may be helpful to brush the hair in one direction while blow-drying to help it stay in place.

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New Celebrity Hair Styles

This week(May 22, 2006) there are 11 new celebrity photo additions. The celebrities are selected based on the uniqueness of their hair styles. We try to include a big variety of looks to give you the best ideas for your own hair.

Below is a summary of the celebrity hair styles added

  1. Lindsey Lohan, partial updo
  2. Eva Longoria, long hair style
  3. Nich Lachey, medium men's hair style
  4. Jennifer Lopez, messy updo
  5. Ashton Kutcher, mystery hair style
  6. Jon Bon Jovi, long layered men's hair style
  7. Teri Hatcher, long wavy, layered hair style
  8. Avril Lavigne, extra long curly blonde hair style
  9. Shakira, straight, partial updo hair style
  10. Salma Hayek, long, slightly wavy hair style
  11. Martha Stewart, medium length layered hair style

If you visit the various sections at, you will be able get specific styling instructions for these new hair style additions.

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Best Hair Style May 22, 2005

Posted by mickung
Best Hair Styles

This week's best hair style is Martha Stewart's medium length hair style. Options this spring are even greater as the curly hair style is back in style, along with the ever popular straight long hair style.

This week's Best Hair Style was selected because it is totally different than all the long, curly or straight hair styles you see today. The hair style features lots of layering and is medium in length.

Martha Stewart Hair Styles
Not only is she the queen of cooking (and everything else) but this week she receives the Best Hair Style of the week award.

Her medium length hair style (also seen at features many long layers, starting around the cheekbone level.

Her bangs are kept long and are side-swept. The crown area has a little height in it and the part is on the far side, and somewhat undefined.
Photorazzi/Chris Hatcher

The angles and layers offers a great frame for her face shape and brings out the best of her features. Color and highlights also play a factor in the way the hair style frames her face.

To create this style, apply a volumizing product and blow dry using a round brush. Use the round brush to create a little volume in the crown area.

Finish off the style by running a flat iron from roots to ends and add shine serum. For a variation of this style, flip the ends up slightly with the flat iron.

For extra help in keeping certain strands in place, apply pomade where needed.
In short, medium hair styles that look good or are different than the typical straight look are hard to find. Martha Stewart's hair looks very unique and does a great job of framing and accentuating facial features in a good way.

For a look at more celebrities and their current hair styles, visit

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Top Hair Styles for 2006

Posted by mickung
10 Most Popular Hair Styles for 2006

By Lance Winslow

In 2005 the most popular hair styles were driven by celebrities, most notably the women actresses on “Sex in the City” and “Friends” and you could go down about any city in America and see look a like hairstyles. Some younger gals were thinking that in 2006 they might wish to imitate Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, although we may see more of a 1970’s hybrid between these of Paris and Britney and a more layered look like back then. Men seemed to be quite content with the James Bond style, long hair let it go style and emulating the various GQ heart throbs of the Silver Screen in 2005.

In 2006 going bald will be the biggest trend, as those who have become enlightened will prove that they do not need to impress anyone with something as silly or ridiculous as a hair cut. For those who do not wish to show their enlightened self, we will see a re-emergence of the Ronald Reagan style hair cut for most men and a few will adopt the “I do not give a damn about you or anyone else” haircut style of shock jock Howard Sterns. For the women who are afraid to cut it all off we will see longer hair with a flared layered look. Not quite the Farah Facet haircut of the late 70’s but along that lines and this will be taking hold towards the end of 2006, mostly due to Hollywood’s influence on the masses. Think on this in 2006.

"Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;
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Why Short Hair Syles Are Sexy!

by Jerico Jens
When browsing the pages of Vogue you will discover many beautiful pictures of long hairstyles, medium length haircuts and short hair cuts. The short hairstyles are yet again invading the hairstyles of the season. Easy to take care of, fun to show off, pixie or short hairstyles can be invigorating and exciting. Shorter hair will benefit longer styles that need volume, body, and hold without being weighed down. We all prefer short hair to all styles though. On a serious note, selecting the proper short hairstyles is a big deal. Check out friends with short hairstyles, talk with your hair stylist, consider how much you really do love your long hair, and decide!
Short hairstyles are cute, fun, easier to handle, and great for a change of pace. There followed a succession of short, head- clinging hair styles inspired by film stars-the page boy of Garbo, the peek-a-boo of Veronica Lake. Try a few short hair style ideas for a fresh new look!
In Africa, many tribes' women have short hair (almost shaved heads) and it's the men who have the braids or more intricate styles.
It is entirely up to you to choose the cute or hot short trendy hair style to be in fashion. A hairstylist is the expert who knows perfectly which type of short hair style will suit your face. But, if it is your first time sporting a short hair cut, always choose a short hair style in guidance of a hair stylist.
For a short trendy hairstyle, you can visit a number of great hair saloons. Short hair was part of a wider style and not its own fashion. Maybe a short hairstyle is right for you! Well cut short hair emphasizes femininity, especially if you get chunky layers and softness cut into the style. This is important for a short hair style.
I love how short hair frames the face and makes the eyes look so big. A long face is best complemented by short hair that is quite full, with a fringe. Consider bangs or partial bangs as part of your ideal hairdo as they work to shorten a long face. A long face is best complemented by short hair that is quite full, with a fringe. It works really good on short or spikey hair, and around the face, I loved it. Face it, short hair is sensual and sexy! With really short hair, it's all about your face.
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