Emo Girl DIY hair

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Emo DIY Hair!

Megan Fox never fails when it comes to looking beautiful and fashionable, and the hairstyles she dawns are always breathtaking to say the least.

Lets have a look at one of her best hairstyles, the long straight brunette style. Her long flowing shimmering hair is second to none.

Tom Cruise Shaggy Hairstyle

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Tom Cruise shoulder length hairstyle

Tom Cruise shaggy hair

Vanessa Hudgens has without a doubt the best dark hair in the business.

One of her favorite styles of choice is the long curly hairstyle, which gives her that mysterious goddess appearance.

Her hair is just naturally perfect for this type of hairstyle.

Paris Hilton Bob Hairstyle

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Checkout this fabulous bob hairstyle worn by the always fashionable Paris Hilton.
A great fringe hairstyle which lines the jaw for an edgy look.


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David Beckham Ponytail

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David Beckham ponytail hairstyle

How Much Hair Should I Lose Each Day?

Hair loss is a normal occurrence throughout our lives. In fact, you may not know that you are supposed to be losing an average amount of hair each day. If you are noticing a few extra hairs in your daily shower, you may want to take a look into this simple hair loss guide. It has been medically proven that you are meant to lose an average of 6 hairs each day. This of course, does not mean that you need to pull 6 hairs out of your head each day. You will start to notice a couple of hairs in your shower. Sometimes you may not even feel anything at all when you lose a hair. Now, there is nothing to be too concerned with, if you are losing a little bit more. But those who are losing a significant amount fast should seek some sort of treatment. There are plenty of hair loss treatments that you can take a look into using. Simply see your doctor and find out what they might recommend. Losing a few hairs here and there is nothing to be worried about. Make sure to keep an eye on your hair loss count. This will help you determine the rate that you are losing hair. If you would like to prevent hair loss, then seek out a professional or a product to help you out. Do not fret about 6 measly hairs falling out of your head each day!

Tom Welling Wavy Shag Haircut

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Blue EMo Girl

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CUte EMo Girl with photoshopped bright blue hair and other quirky photoshopped elements on her emo face!

And here is another emo hairstyles for girls

Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

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For formal galas like the prom, down dos look just as charming as updos for hairstyle selections and for girls who feel more comfortable letting their hair down.

hairstyles for prom-updo haircurs
prom hairstyles for long hair

Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

prom hairstyles for long hair
Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair cuts pictures

Celebrity Hairstyles Gisele Bundchen New Modern Haircut Style 2009

Celebrity Hairstyles Gisele Bundchen

Celebrity Hairstyles Gisele Bundchen New Modern Haircut

Celebrity Hairstyles Gisele Bundchen

Celebrity Hairstyles Gisele Bundchen New Modern Haircut Style

Long Curly Hairstyles-New Haircuts

Celebrity Hairstyles Gisele Bundchen New Modern Haircut Style

The Many Colors of Amor Hilton

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Amor Hilton...I read somewhere that she is a MySpace Scene Queen. Any of you out there in the know who would love to clarify the difference between an apparent "real" scene queen and a Myspace scene queen please do so in the comments. I allow anonymous comments here so speak your mind without fear!

Back to Amor Hilton! She has some awesome style! Looks ever so pretty with bright pink hair.

Amor Hilton is a hot brunette

and it seems this rad scene queen can also go blonde and totally rock it! in fact she looks like Bridget Bardot in this one, love it!

And here is a final hot picture of Amor Hilton for all your fans out there.

How Much To Spend On A New Hairstyle

These days, everyone seems to be looking for new ways to save money. People are no longer spending their weekends at the spa or on the golf course. Now, people are looking for new ways to save money on haircuts. The fact of the matter is, many people do not really know how much they should spend on a new hairstyle. Take a look at this guide and find out for yourself.
The main thing that you need to remember is your budget. You need to find out how much you have leftover after all of the bills are paid each month. From there, you can ration out your leftover cash. You should set some aside for food, entertainment, gas and beauty. Your beauty will include hair products as well as beauty products. Now, once you have your leftover amount set aside for your hair, you can start looking for a stylist. A typical cut these days should cost around $25. Now, keep in mind, you may need to pay extra for a wash and a style. This is simply because more products are used. In order to save more money, try washing your hair right before you see your stylist.
Just because you are on a budget, does not mean that you cannot get your haircut. There are plenty of ways to save great amounts of money. Use these tips and see how much you can save the next time you go and see your stylist.

Sexy Scene Girl Tattoos

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This hot emo girl not only has cool scene hair, she has awesome tattoos and rad piercings!


Being happy does not mean that everything is perfect.
Rather, it means that we look beyond the imperfections.
At least we try to forget for a while ..

Trashy Life

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Just a quick look at scene queens Zui Suicide and Audrey Kitching in their Trashy Life Days.

Audrey with her pink hair and rad eye make up. Do try this at home kids!

Zui Suicide biting the leg off a doll...ohh trashy yet so sexy in some kind of fucked up way

This is how a scene queen plays with dolls:

Rip their heads off baby!!

De-frizzing Your Hair

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De-frizzing Your Hair - Fall Winter 2010 Long Hair Tips

When the monsoon season starts to come around, the last thing you want is to be outside. When it rains, that precipitation will then become humidity. When the humidity occurs, most women tend to experience frizzy or even flat hair. Luckily for you, there are ways to get rid of all of that frizz! If you have naturally curly hair, then you know all about frizz. In order to get rid of the frizz, you should look into de-frizzing products.
These products can come in the form of a spray. Once you do your hair you simply spray this product on much like hairspray. As the day wears on, try to notice if the frizz is still there. Chances are, if your hair is not driving you crazy, your de-frizzing investment has worked! You might also think about straightening your hair. Once you straighten your hair, you can then put it up into a ponytail. This will definitely maintain that frizz and keep it under control. Keep in mind, ponytails can be the cause of some damage to your hair. Make sure that you use the ponytail as less as possible. Frizz does not have to be something that you simply put up with. If your are tired of your frizz, get with your stylist! They should have a wide selection of products and treatments for frizz. You might even be able to find more products online. Take a look right now and see what you can do in order to de-frizz your hair!

Best Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

There are many different hairstyles that you can choose from these days. The first thing that you should always look at is the shape of your face. There are certain styles out there that will not work with the shape of your face. There are also some styles that will turn you into a complete knockout! Take a look and find out about long hair for round faces.
Mandy Moore Has a Round Shaped Face

The great thing about those who have round faces is the fact that any style will work for them. This means if you would prefer a shorter haircut, you are going to look great. If you want to have longer hair, you are going to change a little bit. If you have a round face, with long hair, your face will look a lot more narrow. This is due to the fact that long hair gives you a more slender look!
If you do choose to have longer hair with a round face there are few things you can do to look even better. The first thing would be to get some layers. Layers will accent your facial features very well. You might also want to look into getting some bangs as well. Bangs are a great way to hide any larger foreheads. Round faces are not something that you should look down on. In fact, most famous celebrities today have round faces. Start looking around and see which long styles you might like to try out. See what your stylist can do for you as well!

Cute Blonde Emo Girl

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What a cute blonde emo girl!

She has super cool platinum blonde hair with a cute bow in her hair....Hawt Hairstyle!

Here is a super cute short emo hairstyle for girls:

You can add a nice double loop head band for a nice effect

Black emo hair with blonde streaks looks totally rad!

How To Kill Dandruffs

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Kill Dandruff Fast - Hair Care 2010 Tips

Let’s face it, when it comes to dandruff, the last thing that you want to do is go hang out with your friends. Dandruff is considered to be a rather embarrassing thing to have. Luckily for you, there are plenty of remedies out there for you! Take a look and find out which ones will work out the fastest for you!
One of the main causes of your dandruff is simply a dry scalp. When this happens, you need to make sure that you take the steps to repair that dry scalp. Your everyday shampoo is simply not going to do the trick. There are plenty of shampoos out there that will kill your dandruff. Sometimes this will just take a couple of days and everything will be cleared up! If you want to make sure that you never get your dandruff back, stick to your dandruff shampoo. If you wash with this type of shampoo, you will be keeping your scalp refreshed! If the problem continues and does not get better, you may want to talk to a specialist. They have the ability to look you over and determine what you need.
There are plenty of natural ways that you can prevent dandruff. Take a look at the type of foods you are eating. A poor diet will definitely show in your scalp. Make sure that you stay out of the sun as well. A sun burned scalp will definitely start to flake and look like dandruff.

Does Hair Dye Damage Your Hair

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Does Hair Dye Damage Your Hair - Long Hairstyles Hair Care Tips

We have been exposed to various types of hair dyes for years. There are always new colors and brands coming out. Due to all of these choices at our fingertips it can be hard to choose. One thing we need to think about specifically is the damage that the dye can do to your hair. Find out how certain hair dyes might do permanent damage to your hair. The main thing that you need to look at is the chemicals that are used. There are certain chemicals in hair dye that will cause your hair to dry out. The more that you use the dye, the more hair you are putting in harms way. This is where the wash out dyes should be looked at. When it comes to the wash out dyes, you are getting the great color you want, without the harshness. The only downfall to these dyes is the fact that it washes out completely after about 30 washes. If you want something a little stronger, you may want a permanent color. Again, the chemicals used in these are a lot stronger than the wash out dyes. Most of the ingredients that are used in the dyes in stores today will not do as much damage as they used to. Technology has allowed us to find the tools needed in order to reinvent hair dye as we know it. Find out which dyes are best suited for your hair type and get started from there!

Brokelle Bones Super Cute

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I always come back to Brookelle Bones because she is super cutetastic!

This girl is GORGEOUS!

Brookelle's hair is awesome....oh please be mine

Modern Bob Hairstyles

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Bob hairstyles are very versatile and there are many different types of bobbed haircuts, where length and style are concerned. The jaw-length bob is a very popular style. It is not really short, nor long. The perfect length for if you ever decide to grow your hair out again. Also it is the perfect in between stage for when going from long to short hair.