Faith Hill Hairstyles

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Faith Hill Hairstyles
Faith Hill has long, curly hair. This look is cute as Faith has her hair all styled into a ponytail style at the back. Her hair is voluminous and leaves Faith looking fantastic.


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When I opened my mailbox and sighted this awesome well-crafted neckpieces, I knew I had to share it with you all.



Duk Zephne was founded in 2009 by Adaku Iwueze Uwahemu. The name comes from Adaku (Duk) and Josephine baker’s story (Zephne).
All Duk Zephne jewelry is handmade with the finest freshwater pearls including bridal pearls, coral beads, and exquisite beads while incorporating vibrant colors. Duk Zephne is also a lover of eco-friendly products utilizing green and recycled materials to create unique jewelries. Inspirations for the line come from past eras in fashion, and African heritage.

I can see myself rocking all of them.

To buy… check out their website.


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Our Nigerian Designers stay steady working hard and staying behind the camera, most of the time.
How pleased I was, when I captured Ade Yusuf, creative director and designer of Nigerian fashion brand, Pearl 1130, looking amazing at a shopping event.
She is wearing a Pearl 1130 frock and a DKNY bag and nude strappy heels to match.

Ade Yusuf

GORGE..!!! <3    

I absolutely love the look. What say you.??


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Hello everyone.
When I created this blog... It was created to blog all things fashion, and about my life as a fashion enthusiast/fashion stylist.
I got a mail recently that woke me up to the fact that even though I blog about my shoots... Some of y'all, aspiring fashion stylists still need to know the basics.
To me, assisting a fashion stylist is a better way of learning the whole art. I have assisted many fashion stylists and I must confess that I have learnt a lot from them. Many assistants make a lot of mistakes when it comes to assisting the fashion stylist, so I am here to give you the basics.

  1. *Drop that designer bag and 6-inch heels at home... Its major work and not a fashion parade. You spend all day at a shoot on your feet.. Looking pretty isn't the main priority, Getting the job done is..! Carry your sling bags or fanny pack and wear comfortable shoes or sandals.
  2. *always watch the fashion stylist closely... The way she steams the clothes, the way she works the pins, the way she pairs the outfit together.. If you are lucky, you get to read her styling memopad. This will come in handy when u get to style your own shoot.
  3. *holding the photographer's reflector is gonna be part of your job, at either one shoot or the other. I have a PH.D in the art of holding reflectors. *chuckles*
  4. *you should have your own stylist kit, even though the Head Stylist has hers. It paints you as a serious minded person and to be honest, who goes to a battle field without a sword.? :D
  5. *you get to dress and undress the model. You are an assistant, so your view doesn’t really matter. Hang it neatly back on the racks. Keep quiet and listen to every thing the Fashion Stylist says. Wanna chip in something?? Good... Do it politely and never make it look like what she has styled is wrong.
  6. *major distractions should be avoided. That phone call, that candy in your bag, you wanna tweet something? upload a quick picture on facebook?? OH YOU FANCY, HUH?  Don't be distracted!! Face the shoot.!
  7. *taping shoes is an art.! I'd probably have to come back and explain this with pictures in my next "fashion Assistant styling 101" post. But hey, assistants tape the shoes.
  8. *Every designer piece used at a shoot should be like Gold to you. Prevent makeup stains and creases. Hang it gently back on the rack.
  9. *the final return of designer pieces is sometimes done by the head Stylist, but if you are asked to do it... Please always return it into safe hands. No third party.

That’s all. Any other question should be asked in the comment box or my mailbox.
Happy to answer any questions.

Finally, another style feature whipped out of my mailbox. *whoop*
This is Damilola Akinnaike... This is what she has to say. :)

My name is Dami, I'm 21 and from Dagenham, Essex. I am a BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing graduate and freelance stylist (Whoo hooo), 3 years, eh no eazy but I made it sha. I am very much married to Fashion. My style is versatile and according to my mood, this changes. It is along the lines of chic, classy, hippie, casual. I've been freelancing for about 2 years now and I love it, Styling is art in itself. 
Getting to work with amazing photographers, hairstylist, make-up artists who all share the same love and passion is everything.I wouldn't say I have a style icon, most of my inspiration comes from people I see everyday, what I see around me and looking at blogs but Olivia Palermo is someone I eye up from time to time. She is all about femininity and is fashion herself. My theory is 'Fashion is a form of Art, not everyone understands it' and sometimes you aren't supposed to understand Fashion. 
Having that personal style is a celebration of who you are and it is our identity. The way we are dressed speaks May words to people just from looking.Oh, just before I forget, I am a lover of wedges. My collection keeps growing daily, I can't stop.




Her hair game is giving me oxygen right now.
I love it.
Follow her on twitter @trashygobs for personal styling advice. J

Hello Everyone,
As usual, I carefully picked out amazing fashion events to post here, especially for Fashion Phoenixes who live in Lagos.
These following fashion events are going to be happening in the month of august.
What’s more pleasant than a night of pure fashion, alcohol, hor d’oeurves and the fresh smell of structured fashion pieces from amazing designers?
*in my Barney Stinson voice* AWWEEEESSSSOOMMMEE..!!!


This is a high end fashion/music show to be held on the 13th of august 2011 by 5pm. Lots of designers are gonna be showcasing their pieces, with models strutting down the runway.
This show is being put together by the MAD crew to induce a blend of unrivaled talent from the fashion and music industry.
VENUE; - Ember Creek, awolowo road, ikoyi, Lagos.


The republic of foreigner sisters, Carmen and Selina Sutherland are launching their resort 2012 collection called “ECHIZEN” at their Pop-Up shop. From Friday, August 5th - Thursday, August 11th, All Fashion Enthusiasts shall be hosted to view and shop the resort collection, as well as past seasons’ must have pieces. 
The Launch on the 5th of August starts by 4pm-10pm.
Invite or guest list only, to get on the guest list, RSVP by calling 07055864719 or send an email to
VENUE; - The white space,58 Raymond njoku street, off awolowo road, ikoyi



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Bleach 215 English Dubbed



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One Piece 508 English Subbed

Pokemon Black and White 680 English Subbed



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Tsunade recovered and Kakashi is glad to not have to take the mantle as Hokage. Naruto will take on Sasuke himself. The prophecy has been placed by the Great Toad Sage. However, what we will get this month is pirate fillerology!

Episode 223 "The Young Man and the Sea" (青年と海) August 4, 2011

Episode 224 "The Merchant Ninja of Venice" (紅州の商忍) August 11, 2011

Episode 225 "The Cursed Ghost Ship" (呪われた幽霊船) August 18, 2011

Episode 226 "Battleship Island" (戦艦の島) August 25, 2011


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Fairy Tail Manga 245 English

Fairy Tail 90 English Sub

Digimon Xros Wars Episode 45 English Sub

yu-gi-oh-zexal Episode 16 English Sub



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Naruto Shippuden 222 English Subbed

Naruto Shippuden 221 English Subbed

Naruto Shippuden 91 English Dubbed

Naruto Shippuden 220 English Sub {US Only}

Detective Conan 625 English Subbed