Long Hairstyles for Long Faces - Fall Winter 2010 Hairstyles Tips

We would all love to have a beautiful head full of hair. Right now, it seems that there is a wide variety of styles out there. Celebrities are definitely setting the hair and fashion trend. Because there are so many styles out there, it can become hard to choose. In order to narrow down your search, take a look at the shape of your face. Those of you who have a long face, might want to look into having long hair! Take a look and see what you can do to give yourself.
S.J. Parker With Her Long Hair For Long Face Shape
People who have longer faces typically have larger foreheads. If you have a longer face, but you want longer hair, add some bangs. Those who have bangs will be able to cover up that forehead and get you on your way! The main thing that you need to remember with longer styles is you do need to add some variation. You want to be able to have a lot of variety. In this case, try to frame your face. You can do this by adding bangs or even layers!
Layers are great for those looking to shape their face. With longer faces, you do not need to do as much as you would with a round face. Your face already has the shape that is designed for long hair. Long hair works to actually to give the illusion that your face is longer as well as slimmer. Talk to your stylist about what you can do for your long face and how you should wear your long hair!

La Rosa De Guadalupe

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There is this really cool Mexican show about an emo girl named Dulce who has loads of dramatic problems and likes to feel the pain of her father leaving by locking herself in her room.

Her mother tries to understand her but she just pushes her away.

Because when you are a teenager sometimes the pain is all too much...blast those damn hormones.

You can check it out on youtube:

Although if you don't understand spanish then it will just be a bunch of emo heads talking.

Feliciano Lopez hairstyle

Short hairstyle color

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Kate Moss with fringe hair trend

Jessica Alba's new blonde hair color

.Hayden Panettiere with a blonde bob hairstyle

Celebrity hairstyles have influenced us for thousands of years. Ever since Cleopatra first coined the idea that she could use her hairstyle to enhance her power and fame, women all over the world have mimicked the hairstyles and hair care rituals of the rich and famous in order to try and harness a little of that glory for themselves.

Here is an outline of how to use some of the best quality salon hair care products on the market to replicate and maintain the most popular celebrity hairstyles of recent times: 'The Farrah', 'The Rachel' and 'The Pob'.

The Farrah

Farrah Fawcett's flip was the predecessor of 'The Rachel' of the 1990s, spawning a zillion copycat hairstyles back in the 1970s. Both styles achieved enormous worldwide popularity, though the styles themselves couldn't be more different. Many celebrities have put a modern spin on the Farrah flip, creating backwards-facing curls which are softer than the Charlie's Angels star's original, for a more chic and subdued look.

The initial hairstyle needs to be created in a salon for the best effect; here are some tips for hair care options to maintain The Farrah. Apply a texturizing lotion to wet hair for texture and volume and blow dry the hair upside down from side to side. Use a paddle brush to increase volume and smooth the hair.




Long Hairstyles and Hair Care

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Long Hairstyles and Hair Care 2010 Edition

Practicing the right hair care is very important! If you have longer hair, you may have to take some extra time and care. If you have a longer hairstyle, here are a few things that you should think about when caring for your hair. The more that you know about hair care, the healthier your hair is going to be!
Washing your hair on a regular basis is vital. Most people, who have long hair, tend to wash it every day or every other day. This all depends on the type of hair that you have. Those who have thick, long hair do not need to wash on a daily basis. If your hair catches a lot of grease and grime, then wash everyday. There is also a wide variety of products that you can look into purchasing as well. Certain products will help lock moisture in your hair. Others will simply add some extra shine to your hair. Make sure that you do not use too many products at once. This could essentially make your hair greasier than it was. If you have any questions about hair care, talk to your stylist. They will give you pointers on how often to trim your hair. Trimming on a regular basis will prevent split ends and damage. Get started right now with the perfect hair care regimen. The more you know about your hair and hair care, the healthier your hair is actually going to be!

Different Updos, Partial Updos

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The quickest way to get a completely different look for a formal occasion is to wear your hair in an updo or partial updo hairstyle.

The updo is a great choice for formal weddings and events such as the prom or graduations. Celebrities always get a lot of attention when they wear different updos to celebrity events and awards shows.

Check out the latest updos and copy one of these looks for yourself. Also see our new hairstyles blog for the latest updo pictures

Properly Maintaining Your Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks have always been a very popular trend among this generation. Once you finally get to the point to where you have a decent set of dreadlocks, you need to think about maintenance. There are many things that you need to know about taking care of your new dreadlocks.
You need to ensure that you do wash your dreadlocks. Do not wash your dreads more than once a week. Try to find a certain shampoo that will not leave any nasty residue behind. This can cause your dreads to come apart or come loose.
If your dreadlocks are fresh, you need to use rubber bands for the tips. Do this when you are shampooing your hair each week. After you have been maintaining for a few weeks, you can then move on to nylon to tie your dreads. These methods will keep your dreads from coming apart when you are washing your hair.
Keeping your dreads dry is also very important. If you do not dry your dreads completely, you can start to develop mold. To dry them properly, squeeze or shake them out. You might want to use a hair dryer, just to be on the safe side.
Ensure that each dread is tightened. If you notice one beginning to get loose, simply tighten it back up by rolling. You can even apply dreadlock wax to keep everything in place! Once you get the hang of all of this, taking care of your dreadlocks is not going to be a difficult proceses!
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Angelina Jolie has a classic long hairstyle that features some layering

Angelina Jolie had all eyes on her dark brown mane at The New York Festival Centerpiece Screening of Changeling. Her large loose waves were enhanced by her long layers, and they were styled over to one side to create body and movement.

This hairstyle is easily re-created with a large curling iron or large hot rollers, and only a little product is needed.How to Style:Apply mousse to damp hair, then blow-dry out and up in sections, starting from the bottom using a medium round brush.

The front should be dried forward, to add a round look. When dry, apply moulding cream to the ends and pinch into place. Lacquer can be added for extra support if required.

Celebrity Hairstyles 2010 - Go For It!

How many of you when planning a hair style change, look for the hairstyle of a celebrity? The celebrity hairstyles are the great source of all inspiration because they are on the cutting edge of what is new and the trend. Now celebrities are fashionable, in clothes and in their hairstyles. Their hairstyles are one of the most comprehensive deals there is going. There are dozens of celebrities so therefore there is a wide range of celebrity hairstyles.
Pick Celebrity Hairstyle!

All you have to do is decide which hairstyle says something about you and just go with the flow. Find you a hairstylist that specializes in that type of hairstyle. That way you can get what you want without the headache.
Now some of the celebrity hairstyles may require the use of extensions to get that look. There may even be some that require a hair cut or hair trim. But whatever style is there, there is a way to achieve that style.
Celebrity hairstyles are the hairstyles of the future. When the style is out, the celebrity will introduce a new hairstyle. You can keep up with the latest hairstyles and trends by looking in the latest magazines for answers. You may even want to ask a celebrity what is the latest trends.
Celebrity hairstyles are the thing of the future. So we that are trying to keep up with the latest trends may want to pattern after the look and style of our famous celebrity. The look of a celebrity is totally up to us.

BoxAnimeManga > Speed Grapher > Anime Series Information

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Speed Grapher Manga Series Information

Category: TV
Duration: 25 minutes
Genres: Action, Drama, Mystery, Shounen and Supernatural
Number of episodes : 24
Rating: R+ - (Mild Nudity)
Status: Finished
Themes: corruption, crime, Photography, superhumans, superpowers
Original Manga : Tomozo
Animation Production: Gonzo, TAP

Anime Plot Summary:
Speed Grapher is japanese anime series about The former war photographer Saiga Tatsumi, who seeks photos what have value. Now he comes to Japan and still photographs and that makes him is in danger. However, he still alive until he investigates the secret club in Japan where the rich seek to do his or her own pleasure. There, Tatsumi meets the club's goddess, Tennouzu Kagura, the daughter of the most richest woman in the world. He receives the strange power from Kagura kisses him, granting him the power to destroy anything he focus with camera. Tatsumi uses this power for helping her escape from her mother and the assistant of her mother for to teach her knowing the freedom.

Anime Episode List

Anime Songs:
Opening 1 (Gravure no Bishoujo - Girls on Film) by Duran Duran
Ending 1 (Hinageshi no Oka (Hill of Poppies)) by Shione Yukawa (Episode 1-12)

Anime Character List:
Saiga Tatsumi
Anime Info: (The leading actor of this japanese anime series) is the former war journalist. He travels and photographs very great photos. However, after he returns to Japan, Tatsumi investigates a secret club in Japan where rich and famous people can do perverted and violent activities, and there, he met with Tennouzu Kagura, the goddess of the club and received power from her kiss that cause him can blow targets when he focuses with camera. The effect of his ability depends on what type of cameras and lens that Tatsumi uses. His camera is Nikon camera. In this anime series, Tatsumi helps Kagura from golden cage and teaches her about normal things that she never know . He seems have feelings to Kagura and tries to protect her from any danger by her family even if he doesn't get any rewards.

Tennouzu Kagura
Anime Info: (The leading actress of this japanese anime series) is the student, daugther of Tennouzu Shinsen and heir of Tennouzu Group. Her power can transform people with a virus into Euphorias (people with strange powers related to their innermost desires) but she don't know that she has. In this anime series, Kagura kisses Saiga Tatsumi when he was capture by members of secret club and transforms him into an Euphorias. She got help by Tatsumi, escaped from cruel duties that her mother and Suitengu Chouji (Shinsen's assistant) forced her to do and learned freedom life for the fist time. She also has inoperable brain tumor, causing her to only have six months left to live). Although Kagura don't know about Tatsumi's feeling towards her, she still wants to be at his side no matter what.

Ginza Hibari
Anime Info: A brutal policewoman who falls in love with Saiga Tatsumi and She can do anything she can for protecting him from any harm. She likes to have joking habit as "self-defense" with her twin guns whenever she shoots someone. In this anime series, Hibari likes stealing Tatsumi's camera and forcing him to have sex with her. She is envious of Tennouzu Kagura very much and makes a deal with Tennouzu Shinsen (Kagura's mother) to capture Kagura so she can have Tatsumi but in the later, she realizes that she cannot stop Tatsumi or Kagura.

Suitengu Chouji
Anime Info: (The main antagonist of this japanese anime series), is an assistant of Tennouzu group and an Euphoria with the ability to manipulate his own blood and use it at will to attack and defend. In this anime series, he is only using Tennouzu Kagura's power and her mother to revenge and profits. Chouji carries around a music box of his younger sister, Yui. His real name is Takeshi Ueno. When he fights with Saiga Tatsumi, he realizes the reason that Tatsumi fights for Kagura and he cannot defeat him.

Tennouzu Shinsen
Anime Info: Kagura's mother and the powerful president of Tennozu Group. But before that, in this anime series, Shinsen had been a model. Her body had been 'remodeled' by a doctor named Kazuki Odawara, whom she soon fell in love with. She chose to leave her fame behind and married him but he never come back to her. That's why Shinsen returned to Tokyo and sees Kagura as the ultimate symbol as his betrayal.

Anime Info: Suitengu Chouji's right hand man and is loyal to Chouji. He can use Euphoria power to smell anything he wants. In this anime series, His true transforming is a large wolf. In his past, he and Makabe were attacked by local Yakuza but Chouji came and saved them. His nose was cut off and was near death because he lost blood very much in that incident.

Anime Info: One of the men who works under Tsujido. His partner is Niihari. In this anime series, Makabe does duty as the driver, when he, Niihari and Tsujido chase after Tennouzu Kagura and Saiga Tatsumi. He knew those two before Suitengu Chouji met them at the incident involving Yakuza. Makabe feels great gratitude and help Chouji for saving their lifes.

Chief Ekoda
Anime Info: The chief of the Tokyo Police Department. He likes cutting off the legs of women and collecting in his house. His wife's and daughter's legs is in his collection too.

Anime Info: The one who working under Tsujido. He likes talking a lot and speaking with profoundly foul language at times. In this anime series, he's mentioned failed relationships with women in his life; his mother betraying him and his father and then his wife being overly greedy.

Ryougoku Genba
Anime Info: A doctor who runs a small clinic and also an acquaintance of Tatsumi's who apparently saved Tatsumi's life when he was nearly crippled in a rundown hospital. His wife died three months ago to cancer.

Odawara Kazuki
Anime Info: Tennouzu Shinsen's former lover and Kagura's father. He was a scientist who worked developing a bioweapon. However, he was killed by the government who tried to eliminate all of evidence. He died in a ravine and the remains of his research lay within Kagura, who can awaken the virus within carriers, and Chouji, who has his left arm.

Anime Info: Ginza Hibari Hibari's partner, he is very scared of her and follows her orders even if he don't want to do. In this anime series, He does photograph as his job.

Anime Info: A homosexual who runs an erotic massage parlor. In this anime series, he lives right next door to Saiga Tatsumi, whom he falls in love.

Shirogane Katsuya (Rubber Gimp)
Anime Info: An Euphoric who Suitengu Chouji sent to retrieve Tennouzu Kagura. He was a ballet dancer who was obsessed with the flexibility of rubber for breaking a young girl's arm for 'being too stiff'.

Koganei Kaoru (Lady Diamond)
Anime Info: She has the Euphoric power to transform into diamond. Her favorite food is diamonds. Her husband is a talented artist who likes giving diamonds for making her happy and end his life by hung himself.

Anime Info: A dentist and Euphoric who has spider-like limbs with dental devices and can turn body parts into drills. Three yeas ago, he removed Tennouzu Kagura's lower molars slowly for seeing her in pain and kept as his treasure.

Yurigaoka Ran
Anime Info: An Euphoric who can make his tattoos a reality. He can control people with his spider tattoo on his fingers, by merging with skin of beautiful women while pleasuring them, then killing them.

Father Kanda
Anime Info: A priest and Euphoric who gave all donation money of church to the Roppongi Club. He can control electricity and transform into wires. He believes he is a God with great power. In this anime seires, he accept to be the minister in Tennouzu Kagura and Suitengu Chouji's wedding.

Shirumaku Miharu
Anime Info: A former actress who had a suffering past because her mother trying suicide with her in water. She drowned every man who has fallen in love with her. Miharu can turn herself into a mermaid, control water and transform herself into water.

Ochiai Seiji
Anime Info: A former photographer and now he is a cabinet member who leads a group (White Eagles) that has aim to bring down the Prime Minister and Suitengu Chouji. He is an Euphoric who can manipulate sound by using speakers embedded in body what can harm internal body and can turn objects to dust.

Professor Nishiya
Anime Info: A professor in university. He tells Saiga Tatsumi about the retrovirus that has been activated within him and introduces him to Ochiai Kazuki. However, he sold them out so he could do research on Tennouzu Kagura for gaining fame.

Anime Info: The Prime Minister of Japan and an extreme glutton. He can becomes a huge spider-like creature with a huge head. He was the man responsible for Suitengu Chouji's slavery.

Source: Wiki

Paris Hilton's asymmetrical layered bob haircut is a interesting look. The layered bob hiarcut can be a very versatile look. Maybe that's why so many big-name celebrities have been sporting cute layered bobs: you can achieve lots of different looks with simple styling. You can pretty much play around with this one and do your own thing.




Short Bob Hairstyle

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all the most popular stars of television, film and fashion representing all kinds of celebrity styles for hair: easy formal hairstyles, medium hairstyles, short cuts, styles for blonde, brunette and red hair color; curly hair, wavy hair, and straight hair; casual hair cuts, romantic hairstyles, prom hairstyles, and updos.

Bob Hair Cut

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The Bob hair cut is one of those classics hairstyles that seem to never go out of trend. No matter what the current fashion goes, it is always there.


  1. The most conservative of the Bob, the sleek one-length cut is always in style. This sophisticated cut can be trimmed to a length that is attractive to almost any face shape. The first style pictured is gently fringed at the bottom so that it is very soft around the perimeter. It is worn without bangs so that the front adds a lot of drama to the style. Style this cut by applying a light volumizing gel or mousse to damp hair and then blowing it dry with a large round brush. If your hair needs more encouragement to bend, use a large diameter curling iron, (about one and one-half inches) to curve the ends under.
  2. A flirty variation is the flippy Bob, layered in the bottom two inches and worn with texturized bangs. The secret to this cut is to take out enough of the bulk at the bottom to allow it to flip out but leave enough so that it doesn’t lose its signature line. This style is also very attractive when allowed to slightly curve under close to the neck. Style this cut as you would the one-length bob except using your large curling iron to turn the ends out slightly.
  3. More layering will release your natural curl to form this curly Bob. To style this look, generously apply a curl encouraging gel or mousse. Dry it using a diffuser or just naturally while you scrunch it. Be careful to keep the curls big and chunky. Too much combing or manipulation will separate the curls and cause a frizzy appearance. You can use a curling iron to direct some of the curls toward your face.

Woman Sort hairstyle

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baby doll shirts and dresses are very popular right now does not mean you have to rush out and buy one. Although they do flatter some people they do not flatter others. This is just to point out that yes, fashion is always changing but in order to flatter your own assets not every new fashion is a must have for everyone.




Hot Bob Hair Styles

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Celebrity actress Katie Holmes at her husbands latest movie premier in a sleek, short layered bob haircut styled sedu straight.