OMG OPI sold!

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You may have got some great black Friday deals at Walmart, Target, or  even Best Buy, But you missed out on one small deal.  You could have picked up a little polish line for just under a billion dollars.  OPI has sold to Coty Inc.  Coty is a holder of many cosmetic and fragrance brands such as Vera Wang and Jennifer Lopez. 
What does this mean for the professional beauty and nail industry?  Well, probably nothing in the near term.  Would I want to marry myself to this line and invest heavily in the brand?  No, I think I'm scared that OPI will now be Retailed at every department and chain store that wants it.  OPI had about $200 million in revenue last year and you don't spend a billion dollars to continue that revenue stream.  How do they grow the brand?  You grow it out of the professional market.  Just ask Paul Mitchell.  (That was a joke by the way).


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Justin Bieber Versus Youtube

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Over the past weekend, Internet pop sensation Justin Bieber went to upload the music video of his new song called “Pray” to his personal YouTube site. He was in for a rude surprise: YouTube automatically blocked his video upload on “copyright grounds” that the video contained content from Universal Music Group (UMG), parent company to Bieber’s record label, Island Def Jam records.
“yo youtube…how u gonna block my own song?!?!?!” wrote an outraged Bieber on his Twitter account. In another Twitter update, he wrote, “dear youtube…we started this journey and now u r cheatin on me with this vevo chica…i see how it is…i will be over here with facebook [sic].” (Vevo is the music video website responsible for Bieber’s official YouTube syndication, and is a joint venture between music giants Sony Music Entertainment, UMG and Abu Dhabi Media.)
In response, YouTube wrote back to Bieber on its Twitter account, “sorry about the upload pain around ‘Pray’. That’s between you and your label but we love you [both] so let’s figure this out!”
But the damage was done. Frustrated with the Google-owned video site, Bieber instead uploaded his video using Facebook’s video app onto his Facebook page. “no one keeps my music from my fans. nobody,” he wrote on Twitter.
There’s a level of irony to the situation. Bieber got his start on YouTube, where home videos of him on his account singing covers of hip-hop songs from artists Usher and Chris Brown attracted the attention of a talent scout in 2007. After a meteoric rise to fame, Bieber is one of the biggest YouTube stars today, the second to reach 1 billion views on the Google-owned video site, behind Lady Gaga.
You would think if anyone deserved to be able to upload his own music videos to YouTube, it would be Bieber. So why couldn’t he? The answer lies in the complicated legalities behind copyright law and new media. It comes down to the question: who owns the video? In Bieber’s case, the answer depends on who you ask.

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Justin Bieber just told us it's "not cool" to be a bully—now a photographer is accusing the Biebs of having a bully on his payroll.
Celebrity photog Jason Nicholas tells E! News that last Friday, as he was waiting for Kylie Minogue outside the London Hotel in New York, he stumbled instead upon Bieber.
As Bieber headed out of the hotel, Nicholas says he tried to snap a photo. That's when the bodyguard stepped in, and, per Nicholas, got too overprotective, sending the shooter to the hospital.

"I had been taking pics for Black Friday shopping when I got a tip Kylie was at the hotel," Nicholas tells us. "But then I see Bieber's driver...and I figure he's there and coming out soon [Bieber had a book signing at a nearby Barnes & Noble], so I wait by the entrance, but off to the side. There wasn't much happening, I see a couple of fans off to the side waiting for his autograph and one other photog."

Nicholas says that he was acting like " a gentleman" standing quietly and doing "nothing out of the ordinary."
"Bieber comes out with a small group, two bodyguards, one handler and one other person. Without blocking the door I stuck my camera out with my arm and shot him."

Nicholas alleges at that point one of the bodyguards "snapped."
"He shoved me up against the SUV," Nicholas claims. "He was super aggressive and it happened right in front of Bieber, who got right in the car, but I got some usable pics out of it."

Then the oddest thing happened, says Nicholas.
"When Bieber got into the car, he put his mouth to the glass and let out a roar, like a primal scream, with his mouth wide open, it was so odd," he tells E! News.
Nicolas says he immediately began to feel some back pain, so an ambulance was called and he was carted off to New York Presbyterian Weill-Cornell Hospital, where he was diagnosed with a strained muscle and released later that day.

Nicholas, 40, filed an assault report against the bodyguard with the NYPD today.
Calls to Bieber's rep seeking comment were not immediately returned. The singer, who released a PSA last week taking a stand against bullies, is currently in Paris, nursing a cold.

Nicholas says he has talked to a lawyer but as of yet doesn't plan a lawsuit against Bieber; however, the photographer wants to make a point.
"I just want to stress, for the record, that everyone, paparazzi included, should have the right to come home from work at the end of the day in one piece."



Amber Tamblyn Hairstyle

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Amber Rose Tamblyn was built-in on 14th May 1983 at Santa Monica, in California. She is a able-bodied accepted American actress. She became accepted for her best appearance in the opera General Hospital. The celebrity Amber Tamblyn brand to abrasion assorted contemporary hairstyles. Most of the teenagers chase her attractive hairstyle.

Amber Tamblyn tends to abrasion her beard in styles that are added in befitting with a 22 year old, including dejected streaks, she has additionally been accepted to appearance up in agitative gowns with her strands askance up into affected updos or anxiously coiffed awakening styles. Find actuality all photos, pictures of hairstyles about celebrity Amber Tamblyn. She is 5' 2'' in height, bearing name is Amber Rose Tamblyn and her date of bearing is May 14, 1983. If you appetite to attending like Amber Tamblyn again booty a printout of her account and booty to your salon or hairstylist. Some added advice are accustomed below. Amber about wears her artlessly bouncing tresses, either absolute beeline or in a array of bendable bouncing styles.

Alyson Hannigan Hairstyle

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Alyson Hannigan will brilliant alongside Jennifer Coolidge in an untitled adventurous ball bluff for Regency Enterprises. (June 23, 2005). Find actuality all photos, pictures of hairstyles about celebrity Alyson Hannigan. She is 5' 4'' in height, bearing name is Allison Lee Hannigan and her date of bearing is March 24, 1974 . If you appetite to attending like Alyson Hannigan again booty a printout of her account and booty to your salon or hairstylist. Some added advice are accustomed below. Many of her best admirable hairstyles accept been button breadth which webelieve is the best adulatory to her able-bodied authentic button and her face shape, which depending on how you attending at it, could be advised a alloyed aggregate of affection and aboveboard angles.

Did you anytime anticipate addition with such a simple and affected hairstyle could alluvium so abundant sex appeal? Well Allison Hannigan absolutely did. She had this appearance continued ago that gave her so abundant aplomb and it seems like it is done so effortless.

Tired of accepting continued beard and appetite a beginning new attending again go for this accessible to advance beard cut. The ambush is if you accept absolutely aerial cheekbones to abstain accepting a actual banal cut add in a fringe. If you are a bit weary of a binding you can opt for the safer look, which is a hardly best binding swept to one side. An added benefit is that it enhances your collar cartilage creating a bald illusion.

Hello Everyone,
Its a busy week,but i took out my time to blog. *HAPPY ME*
I did promise to show "BEHIND THE SHOOT" pictures of the LookBook shoot i did with a Designer,Mariam Moussa.
Her Designs were Uber-fabulous and Versatile,so we decided to shoot it in a Garden.
I was The Stylist and Obi Somto was the Photographer.
I'd be posting actual pictures of the lookbook later,But Enjoy These funny and cute pictures.

me styling the model.. fixing one or two things on the dress.
the model was so brave... being nude in front of the male photographers. :D
hehehe.. they re gonna kill me for putting this up.!

woosshh.!! pretty,isnt she?
pulling some stunt pose.! buhahaha.! lovely.!

It was so hot,I had to put on a scarf..!!!
i really dont get why i had to pose like this.. LMAO!!

We all took turns to jump up in the Air... hehe.

We met a couple in the garden and we took a picture of them..!!! :D

It was fun all through.. we looked like refugees and i must confess,Styling is no glamourous Job. Amidst the stress of running from one place to another,changing the models and sorting the accessories,we still had fun.


Toodles,Fashion Phoenixes.

MAC Winnings!!!

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So, last month I won a giveaway!!  And not just any giveaway, but an AMAZING one, courtesy of the lovely Lauren from Lauren's Dressing Room!! The giveaway was to celebrate her blog’s anniversary and also reaching 1000 followers and the prize was incredible (one of the best I’ve seen on a blog!).

My prize was – a MAC eyeshadow, blusher and lipstick of my choice!!!! How amazing!  I was literally SO over the moon when I found out I won, I walked around with the biggest, constant grin on my face for the following week! 


I choose Nylon eyeshadow, Pinch O Peach blush and Pretty Please lipstick and I adore what I chose. 

Nylon is my favourite MAC eyeshadow ever – I wear it every single day.  I use it all over my lid and up to my brow bone to highlight.  The colour is beautiful, a shimmery, golden shade.  I could not live without this in my makeup regime!


Pinch O’ Peach is a really pretty blush, but I really don’t see the peach in it, haha!  Regardless I still love it and I’ve been wearing it with a sweep of bronzer all week.  Its a sheertone blush but still nicely pigmented so I can see this lasting me ages.


Pretty Please.  I honestly don’t have a lip colour like this in my whole collection so its great to try something different.  I’d describe this as a pink pearl shimmer, which looks gorgeous over other lip colours as it adds a shimmery gleam.  On its own its slightly pale, but pretty and very unique!  My Mum and Dad both commented on my makeup when I wore this, they both really like it!  Not too sure what’d it look like on people with slightly darker skin, so if you own this then let me know!  One thing is because it is so pale – it really emphasizes any imperfections on the lips (e.g dry skin, picked skin etc).  It also applies quite unevenly but I don’t mind too much.



I would like to say a humungous thank you to Lauren, for my pressies and for being so generous!  You can visit her blog HERE


Have you got any of these MAC products?  What would you have chosen??

short hair styles pictures

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short hair styles pictures 
Pictures of sedu short hairstyles and hair tips for sedu short hairstyles. In order to create sexy sedu short hairstyles you will need of course a sedu iron. With your sedu iron you can create flips, waves, curls which all look wonderful on short hair. Many people grow quite tired of short hairstyles, so be creative with your sedu iron and try something new to your style. Maybe a fresh new hair colors, or highlights can add something special. You can even play it safe, skip the hair color and just add a simple headband or hair pins to get a whole new sedu short hairstyles. 
Enjoying her drink Maria Ozawa received a call from her men seeking single girlfriend Jessica who owns one of the beautiful, elegant, very short celebrity hairstyles which shine as sassy as the teeth shine after a treatment with a professional teeth whitening gel for cosmetic dental care.
short hair styles pictures 
Short Hair Styles of Jessica Alba
Driving home Evelin wondered if she could improve her life by styling herself with one of the new, modern and mostly short hair cuts of Jessica Alba who appeared to be Evelin's most respected Hollywood actress. 
Female Short Hairstyles 
Short Hairstyles 
Many women are wary of having short hair, as they fear that it will look unfeminine. This does not have to be the case. There are many short hairstyles that can look very feminine, with the added bonus of being low maintenance. Short hairstyles will not suit everyone, but if you experiment, you might find that a short hairstyle is actually more flattering than a longer hairstyle.
 Cute, short haircuts are all the rage this summer season as they can go from day to night, from the beach to the office in a flash. While styling cute short haircuts and seeking a look that is right for…
There are classic short hairstyles which remain popular, and then there are those styles which come and go and remain trendy in the world of fashion. While creating these hairstyles, and finding inspiration for the latest styles for short hair…

Long Hair Pictures : Long Hair Picture

Long Hair Pictures

Long Hair Pictures

Today we bring you a gallery of images with a variety of hairstyles for those with the long hair, their styles to innovate, to adapt to current trends and of course, you get the most out of your hair into long hair.

Long Hair Pictures 1

Long Hair Pictures

Long Hair Pictures 2

Long Hair Pictures

Long Hair Pictures 3

Long Hair Pictures

Long Hair Pictures 4

Long Hair Pictures

Bridal Hairstyles Pictures 2011

Bridal Hairstyles Pictures 2011

Bridal Hairstyles Pictures 2011

Wedding Hairstyles Pictures 2011, yes I have seen here so many hairstyles for your wedding, and did not think they would and still expect to see more clearly the case of hairstyles for a wedding and there are always options, fashion hairstyles Bridal innovates every so often, every day there are more, and you look as beautiful as you expect.

Bridal Hairstyles Pictures 2011 1

Bridal Hairstyles Pictures 2011

Bridal Hairstyles Pictures 2011 2

Bridal Hairstyles Pictures 2011

Bridal Hairstyles Pictures 2011 3

Bridal Hairstyles Pictures 2011

Bridal Hairstyles Pictures 2011 4

Bridal Hairstyles Pictures 2011

Haircuts for girls 2011

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Haircuts for girls 2011

Haircuts for girls 2011

Haircuts for girls 2011

Haircuts for girls
2011 , the most flattering cuts and relaxed for girls who want practical cuts without having to invest much time in your care and look, of course, very well, we know that fashion is changing in terms of how to take the hair, but actually are small innovations to the traditional courts that can be useful to many changes in look.

Haircuts for girls 2011 1

Haircuts for girls 2011

Haircuts for girls 2011 2

Haircuts for girls 2011