Whoever is responsible for the hair on the head of Shannon Elizabeth should receive an award, because this girl always looks absolutely fabulous with her long brunette hairstyles.

You can tell she has a naturally healthy hair structure, but when her stylist works some magic and gives her that extra bounce and those flowing curls, she looks perfects.

Brad Pitt Hairstyle from Troy

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Brad Pitt stars as Achilles with his long layered hairstyle in Troy (2004).

Brad Pitt hairstyle from the movie Troy.

Pitt's wavy layered hairstyle

When it comes to short hairstyles and the women of hollywood, they are few and far between.

But if anyone can pull off this hairstyle and remain just as sexy, its gotta be the amazingly beautiful and ageless actress Sharon Stone.

Lee Jun Ki long layered hairstyle with blue highlight

Popular Korean actor, Lee Jun-ki was chosen as the model for Pepsi Cola in China. He highlighted his black hair with blue color at left side, because blue is the color of Pepsi-Cola. This hairstyle is an easy look if you have naturally straight Asian hair.

Sheryl Crow may not be the first name that comes to mind when thinking about a famous celebrity with fabulous hairstyles, but this three time Grammy award winning artist can certainly handle her own in the world of glamor.

Just checkout these pictures of Sheryl Crow dawning a delightfully wavy long blonde hairstyle with a hint of sandy brown showing through to add some extra sass to the style.

Bill Kaulitz Lion Hair

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Bill Kaulitz's big hairstyles.
Bill Kaulitz's lion hair with white highlights.

Bill Kaulitz lion big hairstyle
Bill Kaulitz's big hairstyle

More Katie Babyface

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More of the ever so popular super cute blonde scene girlie Katie Babyface!

Katie Babyface Hanging out

Katie Babyface and her awesome scene hairstyle in white blonde and black!

Katie Babyface in a bikini

You might have the best hairstyle ever and absolutely love it. But if it turns into a frizzy big mess when it even hints of raining, then you need to deal with the frizzies. Just about everyone has some sort of issue with the frizzies. It tends to happen more as you get older and your hair begins to change textures.

Fortunately there are a lot of hairstyle products available today to combat the frizzy hair. To find the best product for your hair, you will have to experiment a bit. A great way to get started is to ask your hair stylist what he or she recommends to keep away frizzy hair. The stylist will know what type of hair you have, including the texture and thickness.

Once you have found a hair product that works, you may have to change it every so often. After awhile some hair products just don't do the trick anymore. Not sure if it is build up of product or what - but changing to a different brand every so often

Sofia Vergara is a stunningly hot Colombian born model, actress who is starring in the new television sitcom Modern Family.

Sofia Vergara enjoys experimenting with hair colors as much as the next girl, but when she goes all natural and lets her beautiful long brunette hair down she is second to none.

One on the best long brunette celebrity hairstyles in the business.

Teri Hatcher may be labeled a cougar but that's not slowing down this Desperate Housewife, as she continues to bring her sexy styles of choice while dawning this long curly hairstyle on the red carpet.

Teri Hatcher still remains among the celebrity elite when it comes to hot sassy hairstyles.

Jason Momoa Dreadlocks

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Jason Momoa Dreadlocks hairstyle

Jason Momoa dreads hair

Emo Gothic Lolita's

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Stylised gothic lolitas with emo bangs

just thought it was cool

Totally digging this super cute emo hairstyle

What is your opinion? Is this Hot or Not?!

Black Red Hair

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There is no denying that red and black emo hair look hawt!

you can add some super platinum blonde bleached tresses too for that special touch

Once you have your emo haircut whether it is long

or short

or scene

Gorgeous girl with gorgeous red emo hair

Red emo hairstyles kick ass! even if you look sorta strange....

Keith Urban Long Hairstyle

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Keith Urban shoulder length hairstyle

Keith Urban with his tousled hairstyle that looked natural. An easy looking style with the long side swept bangs & graduated layers.

Christina Aguilera is of course best known for her long luscious blonde hairstyles, but with the following pictures she proves she can handle the dark black hairstyles just as well.

What I'm using atm!

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Shampoo: The Body Shop Honey Shampoo
Conditioner: '' Conditioner
Styling products: L'oreal Elvive Light reflecting creme!
Shower Gel: Femfresh (ha!)
Body Moisturiser: The Body Shop's Brazil Nut Body Butter!
Deoderant: Sure stick!
Face Wash: Don't normally use, but when I do I use The Body Shop Aloe Foam wash
Cleanser: Vitamin E Cleanser (Body Shop) and Baby Wipes.
Exfoliator: Face: St.Ives exf. Body: Raspberry scrup (Body Shop)
Primer: Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion
Foundation Brush: I either use my fingers, or GOSH skunk foundation brush
Foundation: I'm lucky enough to not use any at the moment, but when I do I use L'oreal Infallible in Porcelain
Concealer: MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW15
Powder: Lily Lolo Mineral foundation in Porcelain
Blusher: Body Shop shimmer waves
Bronzer: MAC Soft and Gentle MSF
Highlighter: The Body Shop Vitamin E illuminator
Eyeshadow Base: UDPP or MAC Paintpot in Delft
Eyeshadows: Alot!
Eyeliner: The Body Shops liquid liner in black, and GOSH's kohl in black
Curler: Body Shop
Mascara: Rimmel Extra Super Lash
Lipstick: Whatever matches my mood! I use Maybelline, Gosh, Barry M and Bourjous mostly.
Lipgloss: Hardly ever!
Nail Colour: GOSH - holographic!


Taylor Kitsch beach hairstyle

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

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Victoria Beckham's hairstyles always make the headlines- especially if she has changed her look.

Victoria has changed her style over the last 5 years many times. She started out with long curly hair - that she got from wearing hair extensions. This was a crazy stage for awhile where everyone wanted to get extensions to look like Victoria.

Then she shattered all ideas about hairstyle by getting all her hair cut off short. She started with a long version of the inverted bob hairstyle. Her hair was longer in the front and shorter in the back with tons of layers and height in the crown area.

The inverted aka shattered bob then morphed into a short pixie hairstyle, much like that of Halle Berry. It does look cute, but the longer styles seem to make her small features look better. She is so tiny and skinny that the pixie hairstyle doesn't do her any favors. Check out the latest Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Taylor Swift really has a knack for beautiful hairstyles, as we see here with this elegant half up half down curly style which matches her perfectly.

Owen Wilson Surfer Blonde Hair

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Owen Wilson surfer hairstyle
Owen Wilson surfer hair

Owen Wilson is one of notable surfer hair wearers. His wild surfer blond hair looks healthy, thick and strong. The hairstyle is great for those with wavy hair types.

Owen Wilson messy surfer hairstyle

We all know Lindsay Lohan for having long seductive red hairstyles, but Lindsay is certainly not shy when it comes to experimenting with new hair colors.

Checkout some pictures of Lindsay Lohan looking delightful with long curly blonde hairstyles.

Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet Hair

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Sommer and Lauren?

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Sommer and Lauren two "scene queens" that have gone down the professional looking photo shoot path and are nice and polished but a tiny bit nondescript.

Gauging their faces with chips in a polished way, maybe a bit of emo high school girl with decent make-up tips but where is the real trash glamor?

This pic is fun in a creepy we are going to kill everyone way...me likey!

In fact I am not even sure if the pics above are all of the same people, correct me if I am wrong please!

Now this is more like it! Who is the hot guy with the tats?