Usher admit it.

Usher has predicted that his  Justin Bieber's career will be more successful than his own because the 16-year old is a 'more talented musician' than he was as a teenager.

Usher claimed: "You haven't seen the best of him. He is a pop craze like The Beatles. They started out as pure pop artists and look what they became over the years."
"Justin reminds me of myself at that age, only he's a much more talented musician than I was. He taught himself piano and guitar. I couldn't, so he has that advantage.

The R n B star added: "This isn't about his age and we're never going to appease a crowd. His audience will grow with him. I started out when I was a teenager. Now, 45 million albums later…"

Justin Bieber really the next MJ.

I am back again with the “Style Features”
The second feature is the amazing Koromone Koroye.
A Student and fashion lover, I absolutely adore and admire her style. She definitely takes risk with her clothing, dress according to her body type and jumps on Trend Bandwagon some of us dread like mixing Prints et al.

Here is what she has to say;-

“My name is Koro. I am 20 years old. I am an English and creative writing major and African studies minor at Hofstra University, long island, New York. I love fashion, love it..! I cannot describe my style at all. I just open my closet and piece things together, although I will say I am inspired by some outfits I see on my tumblr dashboard. I love street style and stalk fashion blogs.I love Vanessa Hudgen’s style because even though she has a small frame, she can wear long skirts or big shirts and still pull it off.Another style inspiration is Solange Knowles. I mean, how can you not love her.? From her lovely afro to her clothes. She is just perfect.”

Mixing Prints..!! POW.!!

Colour me stripes..!!

ROCKSTARR..!!! ^_^

*Snaps Fingers*
WERK EEETTT..!!! ^_^
I absolutely love her style

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hairstyles 2011
hairstyles 2011

hairstyles 2011 long curly hair that every woman wants. Long hair can be wavy rule should be designed in many different ways, depending on whether the possession of their hair curly. Not nearly all women and girls are usually fortunate to have long curly hair looking beautiful, but the point is really the most important way to style long hair and looking at the most.
hairstyles 2011
hairstyles 2011

hairstyles 2011
hairstyles 2011

Top 10 Swords In Anime

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BoxAnimeManga > Anime Events > Top 10 Swords In Anime.

Sword is the main weapon in many action anime, and of course, main characters in Japanese anime use them to fight/survive in battles. Each of swords has different power and their owner release great power in fight scenes, I think that the reason many people decided what swords are the top 10.

Top 10 Swords In Anime.

Let's see top 10 swords in anime that anime fans voted for.

  1. Zantotsuken (Lupin III)
  2. Excalibur/Caliburn (Fate)
  3. Beam Saber (Gundam)
  4. Zanpakutou (Bleach)
  5. Derflingher (Zero no Tsukaima)
  6. Wadou Ichimonji (One Piece)
  7. Benisakura (Gintama)
  8. Nietononoshana (Shakugan no Shana)
  9. Tessaiga (Inuyasha)
10. Reppuugan (Strike Witches)

P.S. Why are Excalibur (if plus with Avalon) the second? What about Nenekirimaru (Nurarihyon), Shishio (Ga-rei) and Christ (Black Cat)?

Source: Sankaku Complex


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Naruto Shippuden 218 English Sub

Detective Conan 621 English Subbed

yu-gi-oh-zexal Episode 12 English Sub


Bieber vs Glee

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Matthew Morrison Vs. Justin Bieber

It will be great YAY!

The idea of having Justin Bieber guest star on Glee was brought up to the cast and it didn't sound like Matthew Morrison was on board! He said:
"I don't get this Bieber thing. I really don't get it. I hear he was in Australia and they kicked him out because he started a riot. I haven't even heard his music. I couldn't tell you one name of his songs — and I'm not lying about that!"
Get with it, Mr. Schuester!
another news!!
but bad news for beliebers :((
arghh wth
its about Billaboard chart

My World 2.0 is failing two slots to #3
but :))
My World up two spots to #8
YAY !!
glee just hit #1
up && down and GLEE?
the power of Madonna?? how much the power its?
we got the power of BIEBERBLAST . which everlasting ^_^



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Hello everyone,
It was a very busy weekend.
Apart from publicly declaring my shyness on a live national television show and dragging my tired body out of bed the next day to attend Le Petit Marche (LPM), I can say it was a pleasant weekend. I am Alive and kicking, thanks be to God.
On Saturday, June 25th, The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) 2011 held in Eko Hotels and suites. I was contacted by a designer to help her style her collection on the contestants. Although I had plans, I cancelled them because I am all for supporting upcoming designers and helping them build their brand, which isn’t an easy feat.
After the chaos backstage, my fashion friends, consisting of Peter Bello, Nneka Ezeaka, Kola Oshalusi, Ifeanyi dike jr and I went to the back of the auditorium, crossed our legs and enjoyed the rest of the show.
My Friend, Delphine Okobah was representing Ebonyi state. She didn’t make it to Top 5 and I was pained.
My expression changed and I uttered curse words at the MBGN Judges. *laughing out loud*
Everyone who watched the show had to share their views and opinions. . . Twitter served as a platform as usual for everyone to air it all.
It was a long, hilarious night and in my usual manner, I took backstage pictures for your viewing pleasure.

My friend, Delphine..!! I had to stitch the ruffles on the attire with needle and thread! Amazing how it came out looking fabulous.!!

Miss Adamawa and Miss Ebonyi.
 (Miss Adamawa won Miss La Casera)

Miss Bayelsa , Sophie gemmal was the 1st runner up

Miss Delta..!!

Beautiful girls… One crown..!!
I admired their competitive spirit and the fact that they came out to contest amidst rude comments from the public.

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Fashion Phoenix.

After a one year break, author Yoshihiro Togashi will resume his manga, according to an announcement in the 30th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, more details will be provided later!


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One Piece Manga 630 English

Bleach Manga 454 English

Naruto Manga 545 English


Narkissos Spring Sale

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Spring is full of wonderful colours from the flowers and blossoms, so why not come along
to the Narkissos Fashion Village Sale and fill your wardrobe with colour from all the
fantastic designers who want to give you a gift of 50% off selected creations – BUT HURRY
the sale is only from April 24th to April 30th.
Designers are:  Kunglers,  Morea  Styles,  Prism,  Sonatta  Morales,  Styles of edo,
Tukinowaguma, Virtual Impressions,  VoguE,  Ala folie, Angel Dessous,
Azul,  Bliss Couture,  B!Fashion,  Crie Style. Garcons Tokyo,  Kim
*Fashion Village “Narkissos”*


Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles

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Hayden Panettiere is a dazzling young celebrity starlet with a tremendously bright future and a stunningly beautiful head of hairstyles. Perhaps my favorite blonde sweetheart.

More often than not, Hayden Panettiere will be see donning a lovely long flowing hairstyle, however recently she has been spotted with a very short sleek hairstyle, like the one featured at the bottom of this gallery.

Enjoy these sensational hairstyle modeled by Hayden Panettiere.
Hayden Panettiere messy blonde hairstyle.
Stunning long wavy fashion hairstyle.
Sexy updo hairstyle.
Beautiful long flowing curled hairstyle.
Cute short micro bob hairstyle.

Justin Bieber In NZ

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New Zealand arrival video under! Emah Hira Matiu, 17, drove from Hamilton to the airport to steal Justin Bieber's hat and she won't give it back unless she get a hug. The thief said she grabbed it off his head when he arrived at Auckland Airport last night and then ran out of the airport with her friend Beki..

..Diamond, 16, before anyone could stop her. 'We just ran and ran and ran.. before I died of exhaustion. Technically we should be at school. We tweeted at Justin, everything, just to let Justin know. If he doesn't reply I'm gonna keep it for ever and ever and ever and ever. We pretty much stalked him.' Police said Matiu could face a theft charge if Bieber laid a complaint.

Fan Craze


Gemma Atkinson Hairstyles

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Gemma Atkinson is a stunningly curvaceous English actress, television personality and lingerie model.

Perhaps better known for her two most prominent features, Gemma Atkinson is also known to don a lovely array of fabulous hairstyles, naturally brunette, she is often seen with gorgeous blonde locks.

Feast your eyes on this set of delightful Gemma Atkinson hairstyle pictures.
Gemma Atkinson long blonde hairstyle.
Gemma Atkinson brunette updo.
Trendy shoulder length haircut.
Long blonde french braided pig tails.

Feathered short blonde hairstyle.

This is the story of Victoria, a high school girl that loves history and arts. On a museum visit organized by her institution, she finds a mysterious ring with the initials A.M.I and picks it up to give it to the Missing Items Section.

When she meets a boy who is in charge of that department, the boy is suspicious of her motives and she wonders why. While she waits for him, she randomly tries the ring (who hasn't done that XD?) but gets stuck (call it Murphy's Law).

The situation complicates when a troll appears and wants to kill them. But with the power of the ring,Victoria transforms into a Sorceress and with her magic stick, she battles the monster and incinerates him. The boy is struck as Victoria reverses to normal and faints.

The ring is from the Rennaissance era (1300's) and is the kickstarter of this story by Barbara Willett at

One thing I will always find interesting with webcomics artists is that their capacity to mix Western and manga style is enhanced, if we compare it to traditionally established artists that work for a company. Maybe it's that they have more creative freedom because they're doing it themselves? Or because they have a bigger view?

In this case, Bwillett's comic wasn't afraid to use the 4-square style of panels with her own manga style and storytelling. The plot develops in a smooth, simple and harmonious way that looks to engage readers. It doesn't use absurd plot devices nor it just throws something out of the blue for the sake of doing so. The characters and situations flow naturally and doesn't disrupt the storyline at all.

The story is a great read and there's a established continuity with 15 chapters that are updating constantly as we speak, something that most webcomics or webmanga artists sadly lack in terms of consistence

Check it out!