What hairstyles and headpieces are in fashion thie season know our celebrities. They do their best to show you how to look fashionable this season spring - summer 2009. What the gallery below and try to study the lesson!


Jennifer Lopez and Dita VonTeese go undercover in chic misterious tulle veils that give a nod to silver screen sirens of the '50s. It's very nice accessoty if you don't like to do make-up! :)

Proving that great minds think alike, Madonna and Lindsay Lohan arrived at the Filth and Wisdom screening in N.Y.C. earlier this week in matching crimped dos. Honestly speaking, crimped hair is an old Madonna's trend.

The headband trend is here to stay for a long time, and Miley Cyrus and Carrie Underwood showed off its latest incarnation – slipping a band on top of their long bangs. Last 2 seasons hippie style is very popular.

Eva Longoria Parker and Maria Menounos went for retro glamour by amping up the volume of their bobs what is in style of 50's. Very fashionable look!

Flipping their long brown locks over one shoulder, Katharine McPhee and Jessica Alba offered a new take on letting their hair down. Very womanlike trend.

Beyoncé and Eva Mendes are bringing back the '50s, glamming up with the decade's most iconic hairslyle.

Leave it to fashionistas Sienna Miller and Sarah Jessica Parker to add a little elegance to their look with buns fit for pirouetting.

Giving a new meaning to feathered hair, Amy Adams and Scarlett Johansson pulled back their retro curls with womanlike plume barrettes.

Katie Babyface has named herself such due to her obvious babyfaced look and baby blue eyes.

This scene girl is not as full on and stylised as her scene queen counterparts like say Dani Gore, Brookelle Bones and especially Vanna Venom.

But she has terrific hair, sooooo platinum blonde, so pretty!!

Katie Babyface does the Platinum Blonde look with black underneath like no one else! It's her signature style!!

A very cute Katie Babyface

Very Vivacious Vanna Venom

Posted by mickung
The very fabulous scene queen from London Vanna Venom with her pink fringe and black hair, very nice!

Another Vanna Venom picture and this time looking a bit more Gothic with her Frankenstein friend and huge red flower and black hair.

The above image reminds me of Elvira.
have a look:

Well mainly the hair, but I do believe these scene queens borrow much from the old horror movie TV host.

Here is Vanna Venom once more looking gorgeous with her thick black and pink hair. I love the curl in the fringe.

Now Vanna Venom has changed her bangs to blue. Good move I think the color suits her skin tone very well.

This hair is just awesome!

Vanna Venom looking quite bling, got the emo fringe but more of an r n'b attitude.

A revolutionary hair extensions, with no chemicals, no glue, no heat, no damage to hair or scalp, just 100% natural human hair extensions. Available in a range of colours. Sounds like perfect beauty means, but there are some hidden dangers you have to know about before applying hair extensions.

What health risks can we face applying these must-haves?

If hair extensions are put in for the first time they are usually quite tight and they can be quite painful for the first few days.

If your scalp is numb, then sleeping on about two hundreds little lumps on your head may be ok - but you could be unlucky.

Daily hairdressing combined with hair being pulled around as you sleep on your pillow, can make it to come out.

When the hair is wet, its weight increases, and if hair is coloured it is even more absorbent. That contributes to greater pressure on the hair follicles. So, if you do notice hair loss from your extensions, get them removed immediately. Your hair can re-grow, but it doesn’t always and if it’s pulled out repeatedly it will stop growing.

Here are some specific tips to help you care for your extensions:
  • Use a special brush (often a loop brush) made just for extensions, so you don't damage the new hair or the bond.
  • Human hair extensions can be treated as real hair, but more gently.
  • A gentle shampoo is recommended, and use cool water to help minimize tangles.
  • Sleep with your hair in a ponytail or braid to avoid bed-head and knots.
  • A light conditioner will help reduce tangling and keep your new hair supple.
See snaps of celebrities and their unsuccessful hair extensions:





Curly Hairstyles, Long

Posted by mickung
If you have curly hair, you know that there is a distinct and different way that you hair needs to be cut. It is always a good idea to go with a stylist that specializes in curly hair.

Below is Meg Ryans long curly hairstyle.

This was a new look for Meg Ryan at the LA premiere of The Women. Long layers, cut through her sides and back, enhanced her waves and added body and bounce from her mid-lengths to her ends. A magnificent use of highlights brightened her face and emphasized the color of her eyes.

How to Style:Apply mousse to damp hair, then starting at the bottom and working your way up, blow-dry under using a medium radial brush. Smooth the bangs around to the side with a smaller brush, and once dry, smooth shine the top layers for gloss and lacquer for hold.

See more Curly Hairstyles

Ranga Emo

Posted by mickung
Red emo hair on girls is super cute, especially when you have an awesome haircut like this emo girl has.

She is so very very pretty!

Random Emo Poems

This is ME

Eyes blue, green, gray, yellow as the passing time.
A fringe always properly dressed, hair mid - length brown wavy pink & basic but always smooth, hands, nails can often be painted, almost unborn in a laundromat in Saint Denis in full May, crying and laughing at nothing, lazy, moody, messy organized, artichoke heart, at first shy,an actress, likes the style boho, kitsch, retro, but more scene queen, love and love no less many people & places.

She spent most of her days in public transport, she was often mistaken for an emo, a Gothic or fashion hound. Dreams, hopes, full of envy the head, a good general, open-minded, in search of ever more motivated by what interests only, no life-especially late at night, stressed out by life, the people and the environment in which she resides.

She often talks when she's bored, buys all the celebrity magazines during the summer, read the rest of the year books imposed on by serious parents.

She loves concerts & promotion of any kind, but begins to be weary of the latter! fanatic shopping girl, consuming any kind, would like to live in the countryside not too far from Paris, nostalgic, full of regrets and doubts, is often lost in thought, little confidence in her. Give anything to start over, change of life, be happy.

Purple Emo Hair

Posted by mickung
Here is a lovely emo girl, we know she is emo cause her hair is emo and her makeup is emo (although it is all kinda scene too).

But her pledge to emo is written above her chest, very tasteful!
I do however love her hair in platinum blonde, black and purple....so CUTE!!

BoxAnimeManga > Ga-rei > Manga Series Information

Related Title
The Enchained Spiritual Beast Ga-Rei
Ga-rei -Zero- Anime Series Information
Ga-rei - Tsuina no Shou (Side Story)

Genres : Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural, Tragedy
Number of Volumes : 9
Publisher : Kadokawa Shoten
Status : Ongoing
Author : Segawa Hajime
Illustrator : Segawa Hajime

Official Site:
Official Ga-rei -zero-

Manga Plot Summary:
A normal 1st year high schoole student Nimura Kensuke has the ability to see spirits, and his life was completely changed when he met Tsuchimiya Kagura, a girl with the power to summon the strongest spirit "Ga-Rei" called Byakuei. The two work together to find and calm evil spirits under the auspice of the Ministry of the Enviroment's Supernatural Countermeasure Division.

Manga Character List:
Tsuchimiya Kagura
Manga Info: She is the heroine of this story and the latest inheritance of Tsuchimiya family. Kagura is very gentle and kind person. Her smile makes Kensuke have courage for dealing problem in life. Her spiritual beast is Byakuei (Kagura names it 'Shiro') that she received from her father. She controls Byakuei from the seal on her back and a long chain that connects her soul. In the past, Kagura has a sister named Isayama Yomi who is very important to her. After Yomi died, she meets Kensuke and wants him joining Environment department same as her because he has ability that can see spirits. After Kyuubi disaster, Kagura losts almost of her memories and meets Isoyama Izumi, a girl who transfers to same class as her. She invites Izumi for investigating mysterious events.

Manga Info: Byakuei is Kagura's spirit beast. Kagura calls it "Shiro". A inugami with chains wrapped around it and the chains connect its and Kagura's soul. Whenever Byakuei gets injured, Kagura will get hurt at the same place too. He is one of the most powerful spirit beasts. He was sealed in ancient times and has been passed down to the head of the Tsuchimiya family for generations. It is the only remaining of Kagura's family. In actuality, the real form of Byakuei is a white dog spirit beast. After Kyuubi disaster, Byakuei transfers into small dog. He is very fond of Kagura and protects her from danger.

Isayama Yomi
Manga Info: Yomi is like an older sister and the most impotant person of Kagura. Her spirit beast is Nue that rested within the sword, Shishiou. Yomi treated Kagura, helped her with all her heart and teached her Houjitsu spells. Yomi was killed by Kagura and has turned completely evil in her afterlife. She was talented and strong. Yomi has possessed by Sesshouseki and killed civilians, ministry agents and Kagura's father. As an evil spirit, Yomi tries to release a great demon sealed in Tokyo, she divides her sesshouseki and seals a piece of it in Kensuke's body because she doesn't like him and he is beside Kagura. In this battle, Yomi was defeated by Kagura again and she knows Kagura's feeling that she hopes they can be become the real family.

Isoyama Izumi
Manga Info: A girl who looks like Yomi who has transfered to the school after the Kyuubi disaster. She is slow and not good at anything but she hopes she will be a little useful by searching ghosts with Kagura team. Kagura tries to help Izumi because they are transfer students but Kensuke suspects Izumi and afraid of her a bit. She admires Kagura in the same manner Kagura admired Yomi. Izumi is very happy since Kagura becomes the first friend of her but she is jealous when Kagura and Kensuke get along well or Kagura cares for him. She wants to know more about Kagura so she asks Kensuke. Izumi feel uneasy when she is with Kensuke. It seems Yomi's soul can switch with Izumi' soul in Izumi's body when Kagura is in danger.

Manga Info: Yomi's spirit beast that rests within her sword, Shishiou. He looks like a big lion with snake tails. Nue was defeated by Kensuke in the second battle of Kagura and Yomi.

Nimura Kensuke
Manga Info: a 1st year high school student who had the ability to see ghosts. Because of this, he was sad and thought this is bad luck, but things changed after meeting Tsuchimiya Kagura. His skill is kendo and he is the son of a kendo instructor, and utilizes his skills during missions. When fighting, he sometimes wear his cool sunglasses. He initially wields "Michael #12,", a sword that Kagura gives him as a Christmas present.

Manga Info: A Bake-tanuki with spiritual powers that can transform into a metal wall with a human face or anyone's face. He tries to prevent its mate from killing, which was possessed by a Sesshouseki. Since Kensuke stops its mate from killing, Tanuki follows Kensuke.

Izuna Noriyuki
Manga Info: An ex-fiance of Isayama Yomi. His spirits are Kudagitsune (spirit foxes), to spy on people, gather informations and fight in battles. Noriyuki is very perverted. In the past, he was part of the information department but he retired. Noriyuki is very knowledgeable about spirits and is skilled in hojutsu. He treats Kagura like a little sister. As Yomi's ex-fiance, Noriyuki still had feelings for her. Noriyuki trains Kensuke become stronger so Kensuke can protect Kagura. After knowing who are the culprit of Yomi's tregady, Noriyuki and Kagura have the same thought to revenge and settle crisis so they fights together again.

Mitogawa Kazuhiro
Manga Info: A mysterious boy who has the sesshouseki in his eye, hoping to use the Kyuubi's powers to revive his mother, an exorcist who had been killed in mission. When Lord Tamamo appeared in front of him in the Vatican's library, he willingly became one of her minions, He was the one who harm Yomi and gave her sesshouseki. After Yomi's demise, Kazuhiro is participating in the Juugondou as Setsuna's underling. He is the only one who can extract souls from their bodies to spirit dimension he calls "Tamamo Garden", where Lord Tamamo rests. Kazuhiro uses Fukojutsu (insect-related Technique).

Imawano Shizuru
Manga Info: A mysterious and rich girl who first encounters Kensuke, Kagura and Kyouko at school. Shizuru threatens Kensuke and asks him to be her dog. She has a sesshouseki on a necklace. Her spirit beast is Kurofoudo (big fish with electric power) that rests within her knife. When she was a child, she was forced to kill a traitor of Juugondou, and feels that there is no way out of the path set for her as heir to a criminal organization. Shizuru likes to challenge Kagura to obtain sesshouseki, with Kensuke as the prize. She has a older sister named Setsuna who now disappeared somewhere. Kagura sees a lot of herself in Shizuru and wants to help her so Shizuru will not meet the same tragedy like her.

Manga Info: Shizuru's spirit beast, was originally sealed within her iron knife. He utilises lighting-based attacks. After Shizuru lost her Sesshoseki to Setsuna, she could not unleash Kurofoudo. However, her willpower finally drew him out when attacked by the Jujoundo in the haunted house.

Imawano Setsuna
Manga Info: Setsuna is Shizuru's older sister, who used to be very close with her. Her father tried to kill Setsuna by using Shizuru as a hostage, and so she disappeared. She turns up when her father comes to Tokyo, and kills him, leaving her in control of the Juugondou. Setsuna later attacks the Agency and kills most of the agents. Setsuna is very strong. Her "Eye of Satori" has telepathic ability that enables her to read mind of others. She has a spirit beast, a water-using ogre-like creature called Suiko (Water Tiger). Setsuna wanted Kyuubi's power to set the world into eternal war but actually, her real goal was ...

Mine Fujiko
Manga Info: Head of the Ministry and Kyouko Mine's grandmother. Fujiko may be old but has leadership skill. After the agency was disbanded she retires and watches over kagura and her house. After WWII, when Fujiko was 18, she took care of Kagura's grandmother, Ruri, before the formation of the Agency.

Mine Kyouko
Manga Info: An agent of the Ministry, and heir of her clan. Her grandmother is Mine Fujiko. Kyouko controls paper spirits, or shikigami. She gets along well with Kagura, and often tries to get her and Kensuke together. Kyouko is friendly and very proud person and wants to be stronger so she can shoulder the burden of her family. Her parent's home is in Kyoto.

Iwahata Kouji
Manga Info: A gay and one of agent of the Ministry who distrusts Noriyuki. Kouji is very tall, big and muscular. He is an ex-soldier and was hired by a mercenary corporation until the Agency recruited him for his ability to sense spirits.

Kohara Michael
Manga Info: A large man from Australia. Michael is the creator of most of the Ministry of Environment's weapons. He tends to be arrested by the police for indecent exposure because he is almost naked. Despite being outlandish, he is greatly respected in the Agency for his skill. Michael possesses mid-tier spiritual abilities. Kagura and Kensuke's swords were Michael's masterpiece.

Lord Tamamo
Manga Info: The successor to the Kyuubi, Lord Tamamo is the mastermind behind the sesshouseki-related incidents that have occurred, and Kazuhiro's overlord. She used to be a demon-user who became an evil spirit of incredible power after death. When Kagura attacks Kazuhiro in Tamamo garden, Lord Tamamo reveals herself and tells Kagura and Kensuke to search for the ten sesshouseki, and that the one who collects them all will control the Kyuubi, and be its true successor. Lord Tamamo was defeated by Kensuke who has the blade that can cut dimension.

Manga Info: A spirit beast of Lord Tamamo that appeared in the capital 1,140 years ago. Kyuubi is a god of creation and destruction that manipulates matter at the molecular level. He have destroyed three dynasties in China and India. Kyuubi was defeated by Byakuei and his power was converted into Byakuei power.

Manga Info: The only twin in Ga-rei story. Nabuu was later killed during the Juugondou's attack on the Agency, after trying to protect Mine Fujiko from enemy fire. Nabuus are part of the San people from Africa, they lost their home and family to war.

Source: ANN, Wiki