Bridesmaid Hairstyles

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Planning on your wedding day is really fun specially choosing the perfect hairstyle you want for your bridesmaids. Picking the right bridesmaid hairstyles is easy, the only thing you want to remember is that the bridesmaid hairstyles should not outshine yours on your wedding day and is should fit the theme of your wedding and the dresses that the bridesmaid are wearing. Check out these elegant bridesmaid hairstyles below!
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures
Bridesmaid Hairstyles pictures

Its not Paris Hilton or Perez Hilton, It is scene queen extraordinaire Izzy Hilton!

She hangs at the mall and she does it in style.

Izzy Hilton with her gorgeous bleach blonde hair cut in such and emo way.

She has great style - it is no mistake that she is a scene queen.

Like all emo teens (um and some in their early 20's or even late 20's early 30's - oh dear!) Izzy Hilton has perfected the art of self photographing.

Like most emos self portrait is a major form of self expression

Heck, I will even go as far as saying that it is art

At least this hairstyle is definitely art, she does amazing work with bleach her hair color is awesome.

I love the red hat

That's awesome

NOTE: to all those "know it all" who love to leave abrasive comments in all caps telling me in their outrage that Izzy Hilton is a boy...I know, but he obviously likes to dress and be like a girl and I am respecting that! SO there! take your outrage elsewhere!

oh and I love the fact that the people who tell me to know my facts and who love to tell me off and show off how knowledgeable they are about the fact that this person who goes to great lengths to look like a girls is actually a boy...i say...kudos to you for knowing, you are oh so cool, and how about next time you don't make your comment anonymous so that I can get back to you. Abusing people through anonymous comments is super cowardly and lame!

Pink Punk Emo

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Pink and blonde and oh my such beautiful emo hair

Here is another gorgeous hot punk emo girl

Emo Hot Girl

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Very cute emo girl!

I especially love the blue streak in her hair. Very subtle yet very effective. Very coo emo hair!

BoxAnimeManga > Shakugan no Shana > Anime Series Information

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Shakugan no Shana Manga Series Information
Shakugan no Shana Second

Category : TV
Duration : 25 minutes
Genres : action, comedy, drama, fantasy, romance, supernatural
Number of Episodes : 24
Original Manga Author : Yashichiro Takahashi
Original Manga Illustrator : Ito Noizoi
Rating : PG-13

Official Website:
Shana (Funimation)

Anime Plot Summary:
A high school student named Sakai Yuuji who lived peacefully. He was on his way home and saw frightening doll was swallowing souls in city. After that, A girl with burning eyes and red hair appears to slay that doll. She was "Flame Haze" who hunts the "Guze no Tomogara" (creatures from another world). After this nightmare ends, Yuuji sees a blue flame in his chest. Now he is a "Torch" (a temporary replacement) and the girl tells him that he will be disappeared soon. The girl decided to protect him from Tomogara and Yuuji decided to named that girl "Shana".

Anime Songs:
Opening 1 (Hishoku no Sora) by Mami Kawada (Episode 1-16)
Opening 2 (Being) by KOTOKO (Episode 17-24)
Ending 1 (Yowake Umare Kuru Shoujo) by Yoko Takahashi (Episode 1-14)
Ending 2 (Aka no Seijaku) by Yoko Ishida (Episode 15-23)
Ending 3 (Hishoku no Sora) by Mami Kawada (Episode 24)

Anime Episode Lists

Anime Character List:
Shana (Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter)
Anime Info: Shana is black-haired girl who becomes Flame Haze. Actually, she has no her name but anyone called her 'Shana'. She made a contract with Alastor and got a japanese sword named "Nietono no Shana".Shana was identified by only her Flame Haze title "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter". In the anime series, she always feels angry when Yuji asks her many questions and she will shouts her favorite word "Urusai (Shut up!)" three times. When Shana met Yuji, she can know he is in danger and decided to protect him.

Sakai Yuji
Anime Info: A high school boy that was consumed Power of Existence and became Torch. Actually, he is Mystes known as "Reiji Maigo" ("Midnight Stray Child" the most powerful Mystes). In the anime series, when at every midnight, his Power of Existence will recover. Yuji survived because of Shana (The Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter) fought with Rennes who tried to steal his Power of Existence. In the anime series, after he knew that Crimson Denizens plans collecting Power of Existence and do not care for the balance of the two worlds, he decided joining with Shana to stop this madness.

Alastor (Flame of Heavens)
Anime Info: The Lord of the Crimson Realm who made a contract with Shana. He expresses his will through a divine vessel called the Cocytus, which takes the form of a pendant. Alastor is the one of the strongest of all Lords or Denizens. In the anime series, He tries to stop the unbalance of the two worlds because of Crimson Denizens's selfish. Shana is the second Flame Haze that Alastor bound with. His previous Flame Haze who Alastor made a contract was Mathilde Saint-Omer.

Margery Daw
Anime Info: Margery is Blonde-haired woman and Flame Haze. She likes drinking Alcohol. When she fights, she uses her book Grimoire (the divine vessel that Marchosias communicates with Margery). She can chant spells by chanting an "Improvisational Poem of Slaughter". She forces Keisaku and Eita for helping her fights Denizens. Margery became a Flame Haze becaure she wanted to get revenge on a Denizen with a silver-colored flame.

Anime Info: The Crimson Lord who made a contract with Margery. He communicates with her through her book Grimoire. Marchosias likes teasing her and she will punch her book (He can feel pain from her punch). He can let Margery stand on him (her book) for flying. His ultimate attack is Flame of Illusion which summons a dragon-like form around his Flame Haze.

Yoshida Kasumi
Anime Info: Kasumi is very normal girl and Yuji's classmate. She love Yuji but can't tell him that she loves him. She knew Shana has feeling in love for Yuji just like her and became Shana's rival. She is very shy but her cooking skill is good. In the anime series, she injured in Friagne and Shana's battle but Yuji gave his Power of Existence for saving her life.

Wilhelmina Carmel (Manipulator of Ten Thousand Ribbons)
Anime Info: is a young and violet-haired lady that wears a maid's uniform all the time. She made a contract with Tiamat, whose will resides in the divine vessel Persona, which shifts forms between a headband, and a mask when in battle. During the great war, Persona's shape was a tiara. Her title's meaning is like the term for a player (in chess) who can predict moves far ahead. She is one of the great Flame Haze from the age of the great war, fighting alongside her friend, Mathilde Saint-Omer (the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" before Shana). They are like the counterpart of the "Pair of Wings" combination between the Crimson Denizens Merihim and Illuyankas. Her ability is the power to control an infinite number of ribbons which appear from around her. Wilhelmina always speaks in an overly formal and polite manner, has nearly no expression. She's very skillful in many things, like singing and house chores, and is the one who took care of Shana.

Anime Info: The female Crimson Lord to whom Wilhelmina made a contract. She will not say nothing more than what is necessary. She can talk through Wilhelmina's headband and a mask when in battle.

Friagne (The Hunter)
Anime Info: He was known as "Flame Haze Murderer". Friagne is clever and powerful Tomogara. His partner is a girl doll named Marianne. He comes to Misaki City to create "City Devourer" and gains huge Power of Existence to make Marianne a fully independent being.

Anime Info: The only servant of Friagne. Her form is a girl doll.

Sorath / Aizenji (He who Loves Himself)
Anime Info: This boy is a Crimson Denizen and a Tiriel's older brother. he uses "the olfactory sense of desire" to seek powers of existence. He is armed with a sword called "Blutsauger" (blood drinker), which is capable of damaging anything that it touches if a user channels power of existence into it. In the anime series, Sorath saw Shana's sword and wanted had it.

Tiriel / Aizenta (Engulfed in Love for Others)
Anime Info: Tiriel is Sorath's younger sister but she thinks and acts in a much more mature way and teaches everything to her almost will-less brother. Tiriel will do everything to fulfill every desire of her brother and to protect him. She is a very jealous girl. When Sorath near death and he had spoken of names of other females, such as "Hecate". She can use a Power of Unrestraint called "Cradle Garden", which alters a Seal so its area becomes an advantage to the siblings.

Hecate / Senpen (Thousand Change)
Anime Info: She is the one of the Trinity of the Bal Masqué, entitled as "the Priestess". Hecate controls the movements of Seireiden, Bal Masqué's base. A small pale girl with white cape and hat wielding a staff-like Hougu, Trigon. She doesn't speak much. Hacate is the one who can take the power of Reiji Maigo and send it out to everything in Seireiden. In the anime series, she synchronized with Yuji and draw on his sense of self to fill the void inside of her, however at the midnight, Reiji Maigo started pouring out an infinite amount of power in an attempt to fill Hecate's capacity. Hecate is defeated by Yuji when he says that the memories and feelings are not hers, but his. When he says that Hecate is just as empty as she was before synchronizing, she is forced to face the void that lies inside of her and loses control of the synchronization, Seireiden and herself, requiring Sydonay to save her.

Sydonay / Itadaki no Kura (Supreme Throne)
Anime Info: He is the one of the Trinity of the Bal Masqué, entitled as the "General". Sydonay is tall and wear a pair of sunglasses. He stayed outside of the Organization because he wanted the freedom to do as he wants. However, after finding Reiji Maigo, he has returned to his previous position. Sydonay can change into various chimeras without the use of spells like other Denizens. He wields a spear-like hougu called the "Shintetu Nyoi" (The Divine Metal at Will), which shifts shape and size at Sydonay's will. Sydonay loves Hecate, one of the Trinity of the Bal Masque.

Bel Peol / Gyakuri no Saisha (Judge of Paradoxes)
Anime Info: She is the one of the Trinity of the Bal Masqué, entitled as the "Strategist". Bel Peol is a woman with three eyes but has an eye patch covering the right eye.

Satou Keisaku
Anime Info: A rich boy, Eita's friend and a Margery's supporter. He and Eita support Margery in battle with Denizens by guiding her in Masaki City. Keisaku allows Margery stay at his house. He admires Margery and wants to be a Flame Haze for supporting her.

Tanaka Eita
Anime Info: He is Keisaku's friend. Eita and Keisaku met Margery and supported her for searching a Hariden, a magical map to the city that Friagne had been using. He admires Margery as a cool woman.

Ike Hayato
Anime Info: Ike is Yuji's friend since junior high school and student chief of class. Althrough He loves Kasumi but knows her feeling. In the anime series, Ike supports her to show her feelings toward Yuji.

Source : ANN, Wiki