This was just released yesterday on the official site of this new series that will premiere on TBS on April 2011.

This one below is the longer version:

Rin looks hot!

The full bouncy waves are a popular choice at all the award events so far this year. All over soft, sexy waves are added by using a medium to large curling iron. Height is added in the crown area by gently back combing small sections of hair.  Add highlights throughout for a multi-dimensional look.

This is a long wavy hairstyle which is perfect for Beyonce. Soft shaped long layers have been cut through her top to add height and to accentuate her facial features. This is a style which boasts both elegance and sophistication.

Bangs are Hot AGAIN This Year

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It is the return (as if they went anywhere) of the hair bang. Many celebrities are adding a full hair bang to their hairstyle for an updated look.  Wispy and side swept bangs are also popular.  See Liz Hurley, photo left.

This siren of the screen carries off this classy look to perfection. Liz's hair has been layered to create a soft and full style which boasts body and bounce. The soft bangs have been parted on the side to create a softer look for the face, and is a flattering option for longer face shapes and high foreheads.

BoxAnimeManga > Anime Products > DVD & Blu-ray Releases Jan 2011 Part 5

In the end of January 2011 and come with Japanese anime in DVD & Blu-ray releases! Huge anime lists make me divide info into many parts. Next with part 5!

26 Jan 2011
Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri – 06
Mitsudomoe – 06, (Limited) & (Blu-ray)
Motto To Love-Ru – Vol. 03 & (Blu-ray)
Inazuma Eleven – 25
Okami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi – Vol.05 & (Blu-ray)
Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ – 06, (Limited) & (Blu-ray)
Soul Eater – Blu-ray BOX
Durarara!! – Vol. 12, (Limited)
Bakuman – 01 & (Blu-ray)
Baccano! – Blu-ray Box
Yosuga no Sora – 02, Yosuga no Sora – Amatsume Akira (Blu-ray)

Source: Akibatan

MAC Lipsticks

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When I go into a MAC store, I spent the most amount of time drooling over the lipsticks.  It’s a dangerous place for me to be, in front of those many rows of lippies!  I have bought a fair few over the past year and I will share them here today. 

I know how aggravating and hard it is sometimes to find a decent swatch of certain lip colours so this is to aid those in search, and to also show you the kind of colours I like in a lipstick.



Please Me, Chatterbox, Patisserie, Pretty Please, Rozz Revival, Morange, Toxic Tale, Jazzed, Ever Hip

Please me - I kept seeing swatches of this and fell in love so I couldn’t resist getting it for myself.  Its really wearable and I’ve been wearing it most days to just add some colour to my face.  Its a pink but quite a subtle, sexy one.

Chatterbox - I asked a friend to pick this up for me as she was going to Westfield's and I wanted a new lippie, and I’d say it was risky for me to purchase something without seeing it in the flesh first.  When I first received it I wasn’t too keen, I expected it to be brighter and lighter in the flesh than it was, but I have grown to love it.  Its a gorgeous pink that really suits my skin type, although I’d say its a darker kind of pink than I usually wear. 

Patisserie - My most used MAC lipstick (I’ve just bought my second!) as its a very natural colour, my lips but better.  I really don’t think that this lipstick gets as much recognition as it deserves, hardly anyone talks about it!  The reason I actually bought this lipstick was because I took my favourite Estee Lauder lipstick (Crystal Baby) to my local MAC and asked the MUA to match the shade up, and the closest happened to be Patisserie. (I’ll do a dupe post soon!)  Anyway, gorgeous nude pink shade, lasts well, smells delicious and is very moisturizing.

Pretty Please - The one I won over at Laurens Dressing Room.  Completely different to any other lipstick of mine and its nice to have a change from wearing colours!  This adds a gorgeous pearly shine to your lips, its very pretty although pale, and kind of reminds me of 60’s makeup, worn by Twiggy.  I also like that I can apply this on top of my other lip colours to add a shine.

Rozz Revival (DISCONTINUED?!) - My first ever MAC purchase!  I have a feeling this is discontinued (which isn’t very helpful for you guys!) but its a pretty sheer, shiny red which I pull out on special occasions.  This is the second time MAC have discontinued something which I like (the other being my favourite contour blush, Strada) – annoying!  Although I like this red, I probably wouldn’t have repurchased anyway because I’d want to try another red instead!

Morange - My newest addition!  My best friend bought me this a few weeks ago as a little random act of kindness (best friend ever huh!).  Morange has been on my wish list for ages but I’ve never plucked up the courage to get it, so I’m so grateful that I own it now – Its stunning!!!!  I’ve heard that orangey-reds are very in in 2011 so I will be sporting this lots.  Its the most beautiful orange red which looks classically stunning and I’ve been wearing it almost everyday recently!

Limited Edition

Toxic Tale - I’ve wore this lots towards the end of 2010, the colour is stunning and very unique, I think.  It instantly glams up my whole face and outfit and I just love it!

Jazzed - Another favourite, similar to Ever Hip but more orange, I’m sure you’ve seen this all loads already also!

Ever Hip - Love this lipstick so much that I’ve stopped wearing it as I don’t want it to run out!  Came out with the Liberty of London collection, I love the colour and the packaging, everything about it.  I’ve spoken about this lippie so much on my blog so I don’t want to bore you talking about it any more!



(If anyone would like to see swatches of these on my lips, then please just ask and I’ll take photos when I next get a chance!)

WISHLIST - Ravishing, Kinda Sexy, Vegas Volt, See Sheer.

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?  Recommend me some! XXX

New Hair Release

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Advertising Poster February 2011

Model: Carilynn OHare
Model: rakusu Aabye
Photographer: Julie Hastings
Planning and Direction: Kay Fairey

BOSL Magazine February 2011
BeStyle Magazine February 2011
MORE Magazine February 2011
Sinatra Style Magazine February 2011


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Fairy Tail 64 English Subbed

SD​ Gundam​ Sangokuden Brave​ Battle​ Warriors 44 English Subbed


Today's pick: Hairbase

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Tukinowaguma Hairbase
our hairbase is open! This is Group Gift:)

new vid and new look!

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new manga Review up on you tube I'm to lazy so just go over to the links on the left and click on my youtube.

in other news what do you all think of the new look for the blog like it?? Comment and tell me!!!

Just found this awesome HD quality AMV featuring the all classic Sasuke vs. Itachi fight that marked a turning point in Naruto.

The song can't be more fitting as it's 'Get out alive' by Three Days Grace.

Justin Bieber is 16 going on 17, and he definitely seems to have a thing for older women, like girlfriend Selena Gomez, 18.

There was recently some buzz created around the fact that Justin Bieber tweeted a message of congratulations to True Grit actress Hailee Steinfeld for her Oscar nomination, and of course, some assumed that this meant he was interested in her romantically.

When asked about possibly dating Hailee in a recent interview, Justin Bieber said, “She’s young. She’s like 14, I’ll be 17 in less than a month.”

Justin Bieber may think that a girl who is two years his junior is too young to date, but dating Selena Gomez, who is two years older than him, seems to suit him just fine. But no matter what age a girl is, admitting that he’s actually dating them has proven to be his biggest challenge.






Today's pick: Fanny

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Tukinowaguma Fanny

Tukinowaguma Fanny credit: -C Tres Beau-J Indyra Originals


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Dragon Ball Kai 91 English Sub

Bleach Episode 188 English Dubbed


Emo Holding a Cat

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Gorgeous scene, emo hair and a cute little kitty.

Like totally CUte!

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Green hair, dang!

Today's pick: Vappu

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Tukinowaguma Vappu

Tukinowaguma Vappu credit: -C Mimikri-J MANDALA


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One Piece 485 English Subbed

Pokemon: Sinnoh League Victors 652 English Dub

Fairy Tail Manga 220 English

Digimon Xros Wars Episode 24 English Sub



A Thundercats anime???

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Warner Bros. has officially released the first high resolution image of Studio 4°C’s new take on the classic ’80′s Thundercats franchise. Warner’s Japanese produced Thundercats anime will premiere later this year.

The animation was produced by 4°C studio.

This is it:

The full resolution pic can be seen here:

(source: Ain't it cool news, Anime News)

Hmm...weird. It reminds me a bit of the New Young Justice series going on in Cartoon Network. Not really fond of that kind of animation.


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Yu Gi Oh 5DS Episode 145 English Subbed


Today's pick: Anitra

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Tukinowaguma Anitra

Tukinowaguma Anitra credit: -D AZUL-J Crystal line-S LAQ-HB LAQ

A much better documentary this time, though still made mostly from stolen YouTube clips and TV footage. Includes some full performances. This one was produced in the UK, where apparently they have different copyright laws ;)

The DVD is available here:  however you must be able to play PAL-format discs.

YouTube: justinbaddict



Remember when Ozzy Osbourne told Mark Hoppus he didn’t know who the f*ck Justin Bieber was? Well, it’s pretty safe to say he knows now.

The two stars were snapped wearing super futuristic gear as they shot a commercial that will air during the Super Bowl. In one shot, Bieber is posing with Ozzy and his wife, TV personality Sharon Osbourne. In another, Ozzy and Justin are shown shaking hands.

No word on if the two discussed the viral video moment (or if JB could even understand a word Ozzy said if they did).

Neon Limelight


The Journey

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It's not just a movie!

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Justin Bieber is looking to have quite a week starting Monday when it come to promotions for "Never Say Never." We have already heard a good bit about the 16-year old's two-day stint on "The Late Show with David Letterman" -- now, we have also found out about another appearance the singing star will be making.

On Monday morning, Justin will be on hand for "The Today Show," and will also be answering plenty of fan questions about anything and everything. How do you submit something? It's ultimately pretty simple -- you just have to head over to this link, submit a question, and then hope for the best. "Today" has been a frequent destination for Bieber in the past, as he performed there during the summer.

Check back for the next seven days, as we are going to have plenty of coverage throughout the entirety of Bieber's publicity tour for the new movie. As always, we appreciate your thoughts and comments below!



Bleach update

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Bleach Update.
Konichiwa readers, if you are real and even if you aren’t…
So this weeks bleach was AWESOME-NESS!! (yes… I went there with the all caps awesome-ness) so Ichigo is now starting to know more about Zangetsu and his Hallow there are some very interesting things going on there but I’m not going to talk to much about them cus’ I want to talk about some other stuff and still have some time to watch some other anime tonight. So if you remember before we where distracted by baka side arcs Tatsuki was left in the presence of Aizen and buhahaha guy (Don something or other… I never remember his last name and in all honesty its just a lot more fun to call him buhahaha guy.) so buhahaha guy showed up and got into a argument with Tatsuki… Aizen was doing that weird starring thing he does… And Gin… Oh Gin… I’m not sure he understood what was going on he just had that chibi “what?” look on his face. After some arguing and threats a Shinagami showed up and interrupted them… It was Matsumoto and after an augment with buhahaha guy she got him to run with Tatsuki and the other girl (sorry other girl I forgot your name) and she was ready to fight with Aizen. Gin interrupted at this point saying that he would take care of it, Aizen poked the bear…er Gin…Er Gin-bear??? Something like that but before Aizen could do anything Gin took off with Matsumoto. He took her away (carrying her quite gently for her being a ‘nuisance’.) she yelled for him to put her down he did and he asked her why she was there in her condition (for those who don’t remember Matsumoto had her ribcage broken and if I’m remembering what Kira said she collapsed at least one lung.) he healed her some but not enough for her to be trying to do what she was but she told Gin that she was there for him. He seemed frustrated with her (not that I can really tell with Gin but that is my best guess.) anyway he knocked her out (they made it seem like he was going to hurt her, but I don’t think he did at all.) and he took off, seeming like he was going to go back to Aizen. Then we went back to Asano and Tatsuki and they are trying to figure out what to do so next episode will be amazing!!!! Oh and a side note I really like the new ending it makes me want to cry, and I think that is a good thing!
NOTE : this weeks pic is a amazing art peice, I could not find the artist's name but I did not draw this (hehe I whish I did but sadly I did not...) so the creddit will go to the amazing artist who created this.

coments are always loved!!!

BoxAnimeManga > Anime Products > DVD & Blu-ray Releases Jan 2011 Part 4

Near the end of January 2011 and come with Japanese anime in DVD & Blu-ray releases! Huge anime lists make me divide info into many parts. Next with part 4!

26 Jan 2011
Ichigo Mashimaro – RONDO ROBE SELECTION Limited
Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto~ – 01, (Limited) & (Blu-ray)
Working!! – Event [Wagnalia ~Natsu no Daikanshasai~]
xxxHolic Kei – DVD-BOX
MM! – 02 & (Blu-ray)
Otome Youkai Zakuro – 03 & (Limited)
To Aru Majutsu no INDEX II – 01 & (Blu-ray)
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai – Special Prices

Source: Akibatan

Today's pick: Emelie

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Tukinowaguma Emelie

Tukinowaguma Emelie credit: -D AZUL-J RA Crystal-S LAQ


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Naruto Shippuden 196 English Subbed

Naruto Shippuden 195 English Subbed - Official Release [US Only]



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Happy New Year,everyone.
I haven't been able to blog because I was either so lazy or busy in school..

Anyways,i am BACK..!!!
New year... New fashion resolutions and i am finally proud to say this... I AM SO ROCKING MY NATURAL T.W.A...!!
for those who don't know what "T.W.A' means.. it means "TWEENY WEENY AFRO".
I had the big chop,August 2010.. meaning my hair is 6 months old.

I dyed it Brownish Red..!! plenty amazing blogs have tips on how to maintain natural hair and it has helped me thus far.

I can't wait for my hair to be like this..!! *light chuckle*

I have been in love with Turbans for ages.
i blogged about it eons ago.. click this link---->>Trend alert- Turbans
recently I discovered Natural belle's blog and her blog is amazing for tips on natural hair.
she posted a video on how to tie a "june ambrose inspired turban" and i finally learnt.

For days when i would love to wrap up my TWA or add an instant "WOW' to my outfit..
I always reach for a turban or fedora.
its classy and stylish..!

turban- mother's scarf

turban- african print fabric
ring- random
I have so many scarves and fabrics now,after raiding my mother's closet. *Laughs*
Wowzers... its late already..!! school tommorow.
Gotta Go..!!