Best hair styles of the week - June 12, 2006

Jenna Elfman hair styles

This half updo, slightly messy updo is a great style for any formal occasion. Contrary to past formal styles that dictated neatly coifed hair, the messy, undone look is now the chic formal style.

To create this look on your own, apply a styling cream throughout the hair and blow dry using a large round brush. Part the hair deep on one side, straightening the top of the hair. If you have difficult hair, you may need to run a flat iron over the top part of the hair.

Loose waves can be created on the ends of the hair using a curling iron.

Gently back comb sections of the crown area to create a little height. Smooth the hair on top with your fingers, pulling back hair from ear to ear into a loose low ponytail in back. Attach a jeweled pony tail holder or decorative hair piece for added elegance.

Finally, position the loose curls and spray all over with a finishing spray to keep all hair in place.

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Hottest Summer Hair Styles

Posted by mickung
What are the hottest summer hair styles for 2006?

There are 4 top hair styles that are sizzling this summer and everyone is running to their favorite hair stylist with photo in hand trying to capture one of these fantastic looks.

1. The short shaggy crop. This short hair style is chin length, layered with a tapered back. Long side-swept bangs are also a feature of this style. This style will work best on straight hair, since there are many long layers that need to lay flat. If you don't have straight hair, that doesn't mean you can't get this style. It simply means, be prepared to do a lot of styling to get it to look great every day.

2. The long and curly look. This style has been popping up everywhere. Some have even opted to get hair extensions to create this beautiful look. Long layers are the secret to achieving volume in this hair style. Long loose curls are typically added using a curling iron. Yes--this means a little bit of styling time involved. But if you can spend the time, the results are definitely worth it.

3. The shoulder length blunt bob. Nicole Ritchie and Jessica Simpson have shown us the right way to wear a bob. To achieve this great medium length bob, get your hair cut blunt and texturized just above the shoulders. This style also has a full bang that is blended into the cut.

Photorazzi/Janet Mayer

4. The long layered shag. This is a long version of the short shag. Graduated layers take out some of the bulk of the hair. Layering should be shorter around the ears, with heavy bangs. Plan to spend a little time styling this hair cut, unless you have perfect hair. All those layers may have a mind of their own.

In summary, these 4 styles are Sizzling Hot this summer. I wonder what styles will be in this fall. Can it get any better than these 4?

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Short Hair Styles

Posted by mickung

Short Hair Styles

Short hair styles are in style this summer and they are more versatile than ever. See examples of many different types of short hair styles. Photo to the left shows a long layered short blonde hair style. Layering is throughout the hair.

To create this style on your own, you must blow dry the hair using a paddle brush. After drying the hair, run a flat iron throughout all the layers, directing the front layers to the side from a deep part.

Finally to finish this style (and keep it in place) you will need to apply some pomade throughout the hair. Pomade will make the layers look piecey and will also do wonders for making the style stay in place.

Stay tuned for more fantastic short hair styles reviews this summer.

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Best Hair Styles of the Week- June 5

Sandra Bullock + Keanu ReevesPhotorazzi/Chris Hatcher

Each week Hair Resources selects a new Best Hair Style of the Week. This week the winners are Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves.

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves Hair Styles
Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves will release a film this summer called The Lake House. And if their hair styles are any indication of how great the movie will be, then it will be a box office hit.
Sandra has a medium-length hair style that features long layers. My guess is that she has very thick hair and needed the long layering to get her hair to lay smooth.

To create this style on your own, first apply a styling product and/or a heat protectant. Begin blow-drying the hair and use a large round brush to direct the layers down and under. Part the hair slightly off-center.

Create smooth hair by running a flat iron from the roots to the ends, smoothing all the long layers down and under. Finally, finish the style by applying a finishing and shine spray.
Keanu also has a great hair style. The length is slightly longer than a short hair style, but not quite a medium hair style. The hair is layered and slightly longer in the crown area.

To create this style on your own, apply a styling creme or gel throughout the hair. Blow-dry the hair and use your fingers to direct the layers and hair into position.

In short, if you want to get a great summer hair style, look to Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves for two great examples of a good and flattering hair styles.

To see photos of Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves Great Hair Style, Visit and

Have a great hair week!