Finding a Beauty Salon

Sometimes it can take several visits to a salon to feel comfortable with getting your hair done. Everyone has bad days, including stylists, so the process of finding YOUR salon can be challenging.

Here are a few tips to finding the salon that works for you. Before visiting a salon, consider these points:

1. Is the price range for salon services out of your price range? If the price for a hair cut and style is too high for you, maybe ask if you can just get a hair cut without the style. Some salons will offer a la carte services. If you do this, be sure t0 ask the stylist for tips on styling your hair at home.

2. Do you know of anyone that has gone to this salon? Many times the best way to find a new salon is from other people. If you like someone's hair cut, ask them where they get it cut.

3. Visit the global salon directory at for help in finding a salon anywhere in the world. Salons or stylists that have received 3 or more complaints are removed from the directory.

For more details on selecting a salon, visit our many hair resources at


Christina Aguilera Hair Styles

Posted by mickung
Christina Aguilera Hair Styles

Christina changes her hair style frequently. Recently she can be seen in platinum blonde long curly hair. Follow link above to see her most recent style.

Creating this style on your own is easy and fast using great hair tools available today. Apply a curl-enhancing cream or gel throughout the hair and blow dry the hair using a diffuser attachment for your hair dryer.

Then use a medium barrel curling iron and add loose curls throughout the hair. Soft curls are in, so you don't need to leave the curling iron in your hair for a very long time.

Finish off the style with a blast of shine serum. Always make sure the curls are dry before touching or positioning them. Once they are cool, you can move them around and they will stay put.

Visit for more photos of Christina's hair styles