Pet Shop of Horrors

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Pet Shop of Horrors

Count D from Pet Shop of Horrors

Pet Shop of Horrors is a Japanese horror manga created by Matsuri Akino. Madhouse produced a 4-episode OVA adaptation of various chapters of the manga. In an unusual move for an OVA series, the anime first aired as a miniseries on the TBS television network. The series focuses on the eccentric Count D, proprietor of a mysterious pet shop located in the heart of Chinatown, and the numerous patrons who visit his shop. The customer has typically under gone some sort of personnel loss, and Count D attempts to sell them an appropriate pet to fill the void. Each pet purchased from the shop comes with a contract with three major points. These points differ for each animal sold, and breaking this contract usually results in dire (and sometimes disturbing) consequences for the buyer, for which the pet shop claims no liability. Individual chapter usually introducing one or more new characters in each chapter. The detective Leon Orcot is used to tie the chapters together into an ongoing plot, usually in the form of a subplot within each chapter. Initially he suspects Count D of malicious criminal activity and using the pet shop as a front for drug trafficking. As the series progresses, he learns more about the pet shop and Count D himself, entering into a strange friendship of sorts with the Count as he works to uncover the truth.

Episode 1: Daughter

Episode 1 Daughter of Pet Shop of Horrors

Episode 1 Daughter of Pet Shop of Horrors

A rich couple has lost their only daughter, Alice. The bereaved couple comes to the shop and Count D offers to sell them a rabbit, a rabbit that looks exactly like their recently deceased daughter Alice. The couple is overjoyed and wants to takes the rabbit home. The Count has them sign a contract, explaining that 1) no one else may see Alice, 2) incense must be burned at all times, and 3) feed Alice only water and vegetables. If these terms are not kept, the shop cannot be held responsible for the consequences. The couple agrees and leave with their new “pet”, unaware the vigilant Leon is watching them. The pet brought so much happiness to the couple and entirely forgot that their daughter died. Once then, Alice begs for sweets, and ignoring their contract, the couple gives in. Their love for Alice makes them breach one of the contract's terms. A bat-winged creature (the Count's pet) informs him of the situation. The Count can only shake his head in sorrow. Meanwhile, Alice writhes in agony and to the couple's horror, her stomach explodes. The couple is overrun by bizarre creatures and the mother will have to face up to the real reasons behind her daughter's death. Their daughter (the real Alice) died because of her drug addiction, pushed over the edge by the last bit of cocaine her mother reluctantly gives her. Again, she dies because of her mother's love. A repeated mistake led to the loss of her daughter, again.

Episode 2: Delicious

Episode 2 Delicious of Pet Shop of Horrors

The popular idol singer Evangeline Blue and her manager Jason Green are about to be wed on a luxury ship when Evangeline “accidentally” falls overboard, her body never to be found. The heartbroken Jason travels to Count D's to pick up a pet that Eva had supposedly ordered. His “pet” to purchase also resembles his lost love, but this time the doppelganger is in mermaid form. He was surprised that the pet turns out to be a mermaid who looks exactly like Eva. The contract for this pet instructs that no one may see her, she must be kept in clean salt water, and, most importantly, she must never go hungry. Leon thinks that Jason killed his wife and investigates further, eventually learning the truth of what happened that night. Meanwhile, Jason might just be giving new meaning to the term “sleeping with the fishes”.

Episode 3: Despair

Episode 3 Despair of Pet Shop of Horrors

Robin Hendricks is an actor, after the phenomenal success of his debut movie, Robin couldn't get any more acting jobs. His wife had left him and his acting career was going nowhere because he had been typecast. Then, he was found dead in his apartment. The detective Leon immediately suspects the Count in the crime. A sugary treat convinces the Count to be talkative, and he tells Leon that the life of Robin was a lonely one and all he had was his collection of exotic lizards. On a visit to the pet shop to pick up an additional pet to cheer himself up, Count D shows something special to Robin. It is a very rare species of reptile known as Medusa, with the face and upper body of a beautiful woman, but the lower half of a large lizard. The condition is Robin could never look into Medusa's eyes, so Medusa lizard must always wear a blindfold, for her gaze could kill. Inspired by his new creature, Robin gives his all at his next audition so he can once again feel the adoration of the fans. But sometimes that just isn't enough and he realized that the only one can give him true love is his new pet. Too bad for him because the gaze of his pet lover's eyes will turn him to stone. And it happened.

Episode 4: Dual

Episode 4 Dual of Pet Shop of Horrors

This strange story is about Kelly, an assistant to a young politician named Roger Stanford. This young politician comes from a long line of success in politics, but is considered the bad apple of the family due to his carefree and being a womanizer. His faithful assistant Kelly Vincent tries Roger's political career was on the right track. Kelly is determined to make Roger the president of the United States that's why they want the legendary animal called the Kirin, who grants the wish of its sovereign through the blood of others. Count D just happens to have one Kirin in stock. Roger tries to convince the Count to sell the Kirin, however the Count refuse and told that the Kirin is the one who will decide to whom it will belong. Kelly has a long talk with Roger's wife Nancy, who is unhappy with politics, she feels Kelly is just being used by her lothario husband. After Kelly and Nancy revisit the shop, The Count informs them he will now sell the Kirin. Roger and Kelly return the following day, whereupon the Kirin, in the guise of a little girl, is given to them. The Count reiterates the Kirin will decide who is its master, and grant its master one wish. On the way back home, a school bus full of children is in peril, but the quick thinking of Roger and Kelly prevent a disaster. However, their car goes over a cliff. Which man will the Kirin call master and allow to live?


Get that Celebrity Look

Do you love the look of celebrities with long, wavy hair? Have you ever tried to get that look yourself?

Here are a few suggestions to re-create the long, wavy hair style you see.

Those are great looking hair styles! Here are a few suggestions for creating the look on your own. It will probably take a lot of trial and error to make it just right.

1. Wrap 1-inch wide sections of hair around a large-barrel curling iron, securing each piece with a pin-curl clip. After letting the hair cool (10-15 minutes, loosen the curls and use a rattail comb to gently tossle the hair.

2. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair: Blow dry the hair using a diffuser attachment. Twist hair and wrap it around your fingers as you dry it. Once dry, enhance the waves by wrapping randon pieces of hair around the barrel of a 1-1/2 inch curling iron--leaving the ends out. Then spray with a finishing spray to get the piecey look.

3. Blow dry the hair straight and flat iron it straight. Set the hair in the crown area in 3-inch Velcro rollers and leave in for 20 minutes. Next, wrap 2-inch sections of the rest of your hair around a large-barrel curling iron. Don't go more than 3-inches from the scalp with the iron. Then unravel the rollers and use a fine-tooth comb to tease and position the hair.


Red carpet hair styles

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Hair Styles on the Red Carpet

Finding the right hair style that works for your face shape/style, etc., can take some time and careful planning. If you experiment with different hair cuts all the time, it may take many bad ones to finally come to the one that is just right for you.

One of the many sources to look for different hair styles is the Red Carpet. By red carpet, I am referring to the entrance that many celebrities make to awards ceremonies such as the Emmy's, Oscars, Music awards and more.

Typically the red carpet will show us the most up to date hair styles worn by celebrities. We also get a glimpse into the fashion trends as well.

If you are looking for some great new hair style ideas, take a glance at our new Red Carpet Hair Styles at Hair Resources.


Fate / Stay Night

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Saber, Shiro Emiya, Rin Tosaka and Archer from Fate Stay NightThis amazing anime chronicles follows a two-weeks period in the life of Shirō Emiya and the battle for the Holy Grail. Shirō Emiya is a serious helpful, hardworking and honest teenager. He was adopted by Kiritsugu Emiya after his parent died ten years ago in a massive inferno that incinerated them. Shirō made a good bond to his poster father Kiritsugu. When he discover that his poster father is a magi, he dream to be a “Hero of Justice”, a guardian of mankind who could protect the weak and innocent. When Kiritsugu died Shirō became prostrated with his progress in sorcery.

Unknown to Shirō, Fuyuki city is the setting for a second and violent war among competing magi. For the past two centuries, seven sorcerers better known as masters, aided by their spiritual familiars known as servants, assemble and engage in a battle royal. These seven sorcerers gambled their life only to obtain the Holy Grail. A Holy Grail is a legendary chalice capable of granting wishes. Servant are the reincarnations of legendary souls from all across time. These epic spirits possess superhuman characteristics and wield or abilities called Noble Phantasm. A Noble Phantasm hidden abilities may be released by invoking its true name, but casual brandishing of it is best avoided, for symbolic Noble Phantasms usually belie a Servant's identity, diminishing that Servant's competitive advantage. Only one Servant can be summoned in each war from one of seven classes: Saber, Archer, Lancer, Berserker, Rider, Assassin, and Caster.



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Haruka and Kantarou Ichinomiya from TacticsTactics follows the exploits of the young man with the ability to see goblins and other mythical beasts named Kantarou Ichinomiya. Ever since he was born he had the 6th sense to see the demons and others mythical creatures called “Oni”. When he was a little boy his friend Oni told him about the creature that is stronger than Oni called “Tengu”, it is the legendary demon-eating goblin. Since that story told him he dream to have a Tengu that will be his buddy forever. When he grew up he became a folklorist, who write books and article about Japanese folklore, but he also work as a monster buster secretly. In the episode “The Black Goblin Awakens”, Kantarou went to exorcise monster he was lead to a rural shrine up in the mountain where the Tengu, demon-eating goblin was sealed there. When Kantarou breaks the seal, he named the Tengu Haruka, in naming a Tengu it forces to be a slave of someone who gave name with it. As the fulfillment of Kantarou dream, Haruka became his partner in fighting the evil Oni. With his tengu and his kitsune, they solve mysteries, and help the yokai situation in Japan.

Haruka and Kantarou Ichinomiya from Tactics

As the story progress, there's a lot of yokai case that Kantarou and Haruka faced such as the case that deals with the mystery of the missing children and the dragon god. The two new characters also introduced, namely Sugino and Mou-chan. Sugino is a handsome supernatural creature not unlike Haruka. Mou-chan is an odd choice for wife that he loves immeasurably. He has a dislike for humans and considers himself superior in every way. Sugino finds Haruka fascinating and gives him some words of warning regarding his bond to the human Kantarou.

In the episode “Dancer in the Darkness”, Kantarou together with Haruka and other friends returned to his home town to visit a childhood friend who is now a famous geisha. She expresses concerns about her latest client who has her perform the same dance during every session while a stranger watches from the shadows. Her client also happens to be a renowned doll maker who engages in questionable behavior with his latest creation. When she was called again to perform in the house of the doll maker she brought Kantarou and the gag with her because something was bothering her when she performed. Kantarou discover that there is an evil spirit in the house and they find out that it is in the doll's body. Using his kitsune and the help of Haruka they save the geisha however the fight start to burn the house. The doll maker let himself eaten by the fire together with the doll who he dream to have life.

Haruka and Kantarou Ichinomiya from Tactics

As Haruka's past slowly comes back to him, his relationship with his master starts to crack. Haruka struggles with his past and yearns to learn of everything he had forgotten, especially the identity of the person who had sealed him within the huge rock boulders. This is the point where Minamoto Raiko and his group of soldiers come in. Together with another formidable demon, Raiko and his attendants plot many plans to try and force Kantarou to cancel the name contract or make Haruka awaken his real powers, such that they would be able to capture Haruka and present him to "that person" whose identity is unknown. If the name contract is not canceled or if the master dies, Haruka's power would forever be restrained and he would not be able to be used by the antagonists. But unfortunately those antagonist did not success in their evil mission and Haruka back in his senses and go back to Kantarou. They start again and do their usual routine such as fighting evil spirit and saving people.


Amanda Bynes is wearing a long, layered hair style that has lots of volume and texture.
Create this style on your own by first applying a volumizing product to the roots and blow dry the hair using a large round brush.
To create an extra smooth finish, you can run a flat iron over the hair from roots to the ends.
This particular hair style looks great with added highlights and lowlights mixed throughout the head. Notice that Amanda is letting her roots show. This is a very popular trend among celebrities. I'm not sure if they do it on purpose or they just don't have time to get their hair colored. Who knows?
Visit our Celebrity hair styles gallery for more great examples of celebrity hair styles.

Bob Hair Styles with Bangs

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A very popular hair style this year is the bob. The bob can be worn long, medium or even short. Add bangs to the bob for a totally different look.

This style angles in and end just short of the jaws. All the hair is directed down and under.
The bangs are eyebrow length and feature a full covering of the forehead. This is a great style for heart shaped faces that have a high forehead.
For more great ideas and bob hair style examples, visit the Hair Resources Hair Styles Gallery.

Girl From Hell (Jigoku Shōjo)

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Enma Ai from Girl from Hell known as Jigoku ShojoJigoku Shōjo, also known as Girl From Hell, is an anime series features a mysterious website where you can post a grudge at the stroke of midnight. Soon after you post, a young-looking girl arrives to give you a straw doll with a red string around its neck. Pull the red string, and the person you’re pissed at instanly goes to Hell. In exchange when you die, your soul where sent to Hell too.

Each short story of which the series consists describes the suffering of a different individual caused by one or more antagonists. Somewhere in the vast sea of the Internet, there's a website that can only be accessed at the stroke of midnight by one who harbors a desire for revenge against their tormentor. A website known as Jigoku Tsūshin (Hell Correspondence) rumor has it that if you post a grudge there, the Jigoku Shōjo (Hell Girl) will appear and will offer a black straw doll (first season; in the following season the doll may be either red, blue or black) with a red string wound about its neck. If the string is pulled, she will ferry the recipient of the revenge straightaway to Hell, but on the condition that those who request her intervention fall into Hell as well at the end of their natural lives. The so called Hell Girl is a young red-eyed girl wearing a traditional sailor school uniform named Enma Ai.

Ichimoku Ren and Hone-Onna and also Wanyudo from Girl from Hell known as Jigoku ShojoEnma Ai lives in a house in an unknown world with her grandmother. She got her three assistant that when they are not in service they stay in the form of straw dolls. Those three are Ichimoku Ren, a handsome young man in casual clothes and takes the form of the blue straw doll, Hone-Onna, a beautiful woman wearing a kimono with the obi (sash) tied in front takes the form of the red straw doll and the last is Wanyūdō, an old man wearing a hat and a red scarf, who takes the form of the black straw doll. They help Ai during the event when their victims are confronted with their own sins, prior to the moment when Ai ferries them to hell.

A journalist named Shibata Hajime, a former blackmailer who turned to investigating the stories involving the Jigoku Shōjo, doesn't agree with Ai's methods to deliver vengeance for her clients, and tries to stop those who contacted Jigoku Shōjo from using her service with Tsugumi's help. Tsugumi is Hajime's daughter, after she encounter Ai she starts to have visions of what Ai sees.

Enma Ai from Girl from Hell known as Jigoku ShojoAs the series progressed, it was revealed that Hajime and Tsugumi were the descendants of a man named Sentarō Shibata. Sentaro is Ai childhood friends and cousin as well but Ai hates him because of one tragic moment. Every seven years a villager in where they lived has a tradition that a seven years-old child will be sacrificed in order to have a seven more years of prosperity. Ai parent asked Sentaro to hide Ai and he keeps Ai hidden in the mountain for six years, however great famine comes to the village. And when the villager saw the two in their secret meeting, they were accused by angering the Mountain Gods. The villager throw Ai and her parents in pit and force Sentaro to bury them. Ai is conscious at the moment and she feels that Sentaro betray her. One night he sees Ai setting the village on fire, out of his insanity and guilt he run away and grew up regretting what he had done.

Enma Ai from Girl from Hell known as Jigoku ShojoThe two descendants of Sentaro awakes Ai hatred and she attempts to kill Hajime and Tsugumi but unfortunately she fails. She tries to provoke Tsugumi to send her father to hell by showing Tsugumi how her mother died and her father's denial of his responsibility. Ai keeps pressing Tsugumi to pull the string while Hajime is trapped in Ai's world, but is subsequently able to escape because of Ai's grandmother, who releases him for an exchange. When Hajime admits his faults, Tsugumi returns the straw doll to Ai. Later Ai incinerates the temple built by Sentaro, which is the sign of his regrets to Ai. The season ends with Hajime and Tsugumi going back to normality and Ai continuing what she has been doing for centuries which is sending people to hell.