Grammy Awards Hair Styles

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There are a lot of ways that you can find a new hair style. Watching the Grammy Awards is one of them.

Most celebrities wear their hair in a special updo or style. This is the place where you can see all the new looks and try to capture one for yourself.

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Academy Awards Hair Styles

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Don't you just love to look at all the fancy hair style at the Academy Awards Shows? Some celebrities will wear there hair down and curly while others opt for fancy updos or partial updos.

Every year there is usually one or two hair styles that everyone really likes and tries to copy the look for themselves.

Not all of these hair styles will work for everyone. They are not a one size fits all. The best way to determine if a style is for you is to start with the face shape. If your face shape is the same as the celebrity hair style you like, then that will be a good indication of how it will look on you.

See the Academy Awards Hair Styles Review


1936 Ford Coupe - The One

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For Some Guys, It Just Takes The Right Car To Bring Out The Inner Hot Rodder

When you see "your" car for the first time, you just know it. There's a moment of connection when you identify with it followed quickly by the annoying feeling that someone else owns it. That inspirational moment is even more significant when you realize you're neither looking for a project nor are you even aware you're a hot rodder.

That's pretty much how it happened to Ray Dunham, as he strolled through the Donut Derelicts car gathering in Huntington Beach, California, early one Saturday morning about three years ago. Ray had a real appreciation for vintage style, particularly '50s-era cruisers, but it had been a while since he'd built anything. Vintage, two-toned VW Beetles had been his thing in high school until he made the pragmatic choice after graduation to fumigate the Bugs and get a reliable and user-friendly late-model daily driver. But Ray was never satisfied without something to tinker on and eventually picked up a '57 Harley-Davidson. The Panhead satisfied his urges for a while until a friend and fellow biker met an untimely end while riding. Ray's girlfriend was understandably shaken and persuaded him to sell the Harley, and he was once again left without a project.

But that Saturday morning, as Ray was walking among some of the sharpest hot rods in the area, his eyes landed on a beater '36 Ford three-window coupe, and he was awestruck. Ray had no background in vintage cars outside of his VW experience and had to ask someone what it was, but he knew he'd found "his" car. It was initially not for sale, but persistence pays, and eventually, a deal was struck and the '36 was his.

As tends to happen when purchases are made with the heart rather than the head, Ray paid too much for a car that needed a lot of work. The slammed '36 had no suspension travel and scraped the running boards on nearly every dip, rise, or turn. And everything rattled. On top of that, the car's driveability was marginal at best. The brakes were scary, and the tired, near-stock flathead could barely reach cruising speed, typically overheating when it did. It quickly became obvious that Ray had bought a project rather than a driver. He began replacing parts a few at a time, making a list of what was needed as he went, but the further he went and the longer the list got, the more he realized he was simply bandaging the problems. So eventually, he resolved to rebuild the car from scratch.

The most interesting part about this resolution was that Ray had no idea how to correctly build a '36 Ford, or any other hot rod, and he had never been involved with the culture; his slate was as blank as his car's. In retrospect, that was probably for the best. Rather than relying solely upon conventionally styled '30s rods to determine the look for his '36, Ray drew upon his VW past to create a retro but classy appearance that simply suited his style and taste.

Of course, what the eye notices most when it sees the car for the first time is the striking satin-black and gloss-red paint combo. Ray may not have been able to identify the car, but the moment he saw it, he knew it would be two-toned. A little time with a friend and a photo-editing program sealed the deal for the red/black theme. Why satin-finish black rather than gloss? Ray just felt it had more visual impact, plus it gave the '36 a little more traditional hot-rod attitude to balance the low and fender-skirted custom stance.


Bitchin'! This car represents the street-rod version of an idea that more people need to latch on to: use circle-track parts to create function and character. The supply of low-buck roundy-round parts is nearly limitless and can be applied liberally for endless twists on the theme. You can build your Camaro, Chevelle, or G-body into a Street Stocker with bolt-ons or go deeper with a fabricated-chassis car like Robert's '35 Chevy Master.

After having a number of predictable street rods, Robert realized he owed a nod to the local NASCAR heritage that abounds nearby his Boones Mill, Virginia, home. It would have been pretty tempting to go with a straight 'shine runner or even a retro jalopy, but instead, an old race-car steel body was dropped off at (dig this) Groundhog Compton's Garage in Martinsville, Virginia, and once the pop-riveted doors were freed up and hammered out, it was treated to a contemporary-style dirt Modified chassis that Groundhog calls his Featherweight. It includes all the standard circle-track parts, such as the fully adjustable, late-model-style control arms and Wilwood's tandem master cylinder and four-wheel disc brakes. The rearend is from an Olds Bravada, which is essentially an S-10 Blazer.

But of course the hook is the endless rubber dominating the chopped-down '35 sheetmetal. Those are Hoosier 29x18.50-15 Pro Street radials mimicking dirt-track rubber on every corner, each engulfing legit circle-track Basset 15x14 steel wheels. Tell us you've seen that before. The theme continues with stuff like the extended S&S headers and exhaust made from Corvette side pipes and the Afco aluminum radiator behind a '35ish grille fabbed by Groundhog. The unchopped roof reminds you of jalopies piling into turn one, and the stock taillights and Harley-Davidson motorcycle-fender lights as front turn signals are nice tchotchke. Guys in Bakersfield: good luck with this one.

Robert wanted a nice driver and must have gotten it, since he's stacked 5,000-plus miles on the car since last June. Contributing to the comfort are power rack-and-pinion steering with a Heidt's adjustable pressure valve and concealed Vintage Air climate control (the condenser is hidden under the trunk so as not to detract from the bare-bones appeal). He says, "My wife thinks it's too loud, but it's about the nicest-riding rod I've had. It's like a go-kart and just draws a big crowd. People always take your picture."


Find Prom Hairstyle, Check.

It couldn't be any easier or fun to find your prom hair style today. Typically, the prom hair style is a last minute decision. Many desperately try to schedule appointments with their hair stylists only to hear that they are completely booked.

So, what is the secret to avoiding these desparate last efforts for the prom hair style? Plan ahead. It's really quite simple.

Our model Susan demonstrates how she found about 5 great prom hair styles that actually look really good on her. Yes, you read that right. She actually tried on these prom hair styles on a photo of herself. She didn't even go near a salon---or a pair of scissors.

Now all she has to do is print out the prom styles that she likes and decide on which one to go with. She will schedule her prom hair style appointment at the salon several weeks, if not a month in advance to make sure her time is reserved.

Come see how Susan found her prom hair style.

Spring is Here! Yeeeeh! Get ready for Prom

The time has come to get ready for prom. If you already have your dressed picked out and just need to find a hair style that will coordinated with it, then we have a great demo for you to watch.

Our model Susan has volunteered to try out a hair styles software imaging program that allows you to upload your own photo and try on styles. She actually tries some of these prom hair styles on her very own picture.

Wait till you see what her favorite prom hair style is.


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Aka Onda from REC AnimeREC is a Japanese manga written by Q-Tarou Hanamizawa, an anime adaptation was animated by Shaft and consist of nine twelve-minute episodes in an unusual format. The anime's opening theme is "Cheer!~Makka na kimochi~" performed by Kanako Sakai, written by Hiiro Misaki, and composed and arranged by Kōhei Koyama. The anime's ending theme is "Devotion" performed by BRACE;d, and written, composed, and arranged by a.k.a.dRESS.

This is the love story about a common man and a girl who has a dream to be a voice actress. The story begun with Fumihiko Matsumaru, an average salary man with no girlfriend, he is outside the movie theater waiting for his invited colleague Miss Tanaka to arrive. Suddenly his date didn't arrive and he crumples his movie tickets in frustration. As he is about to toss the tickets into a trash can, a girl approaches, and in the "voice" of the tickets, implores him to not waste them. It convinced him to used it and they watched the movie together which is Roman Holiday and take a dinner. During the movie, he notices that the girl is reading the subtitles out loud and at the dinner he find out that the girl is twenty-year-old aspiring seiyū, her name is Aka Onda.

Aka Onda and Fumihiko Matsumaru from REC AnimeAfter that Matsumaru escorted Aka going home and found they live in the same neighborhood. Matsumaru goes to bed, but he can't sleep. In the darkness, he hears the sounds of sirens; there is a fire in the neighborhood. When he goes to investigate, he discovers that the girl's apartment has burned down. Having nowhere else to stay, Aka moved to Matsumaru's place, and the two had started a "more than friend but not yet lovers" relationship under the same roof while keeping this secret from their employers. After a day that Aka's apartment burn, Matsumaru's proposal about the marketing concept "Nekoki" as the mascot of the snack product called "Ha" was approved. This is a big success for him and they conduct an audition for the voice of that mascot. Furthermore, Aka is chosen to voice Nekoki. They decide to keep their live-in relationship a secret from their employers due to Aka's worries about an appearance of impropriety. She also insists they are not a couple just from having slept together once in a moment of weakness, and that she will merely be lodging with him. The series is heavily concerned with the developing dynamic of their relationship.

Aka Onda from REC AnimeAs the story goes, there's a lot of trials in the relationship of the two. One of those is when the second proposal which is the sequence of the concept "Nekoki" for new flavor came. Matsumaru's proposal disapproved and the project goes to his co-employee. While Aka's career became brighter and brighter, she got a lot of offer and became popular. This situation gives a strong impact to Matsumaru. He felt useless being disappointed in his job and to Aka as well. However, Aka manage everything and made a right choice in life by choosing the man he really love.

This anime caught my interest in the way how aggressive the character is. I didn't expect that Matsumaru and Aka is both pervert by sleeping together in one night even though they didn't know each other a lot. That seems stupid but it happens in reality somehow. I think what happen to them is a so called "one night stand", the only different is their relationship continue as a friend and further develop as a lover lately. The story is based more on real life than fantasy. I'm also fascinated on how the character was made Aka is absolutely gorgeous, sexy and hot. One thing that I learn in this anime, "that love sometimes came from nowhere and suddenly will hit your heart and will make you crazy".

Here are some of my favorite scene in the anime:

Fumihiko Matsumaru from REC AnimeAka Onda and Fumihiko Matsumaru from REC AnimeAka Onda and Fumihiko Matsumaru from REC AnimeAka Onda and Fumihiko Matsumaru from REC Anime