Question: What can I do to my hair style to update it a little bit, without spending a ton of money or getting any drastic hair style?

Answer: Get Bangs!!!

Bangs come in all shapes and sizes today. Ask your hair stylist which type of bang will work best with your face shape and hair texture. There is a bang for everyone!

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Go ahead, get bangs

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Bangs are hot this fall. Add them to just about any hair style for an awesome look.

Wear them chopped, short, wispy, long, side-swept, angled or just IN YOUR FACE!

Bangs are THE hair accessory you need for this fall.

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Medium Bob with Bangs

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The Comeback of the Bob Hair Style

The bob hair style is showing up everywhere this fall. There are short versions, long versions, medium versions and that doesn't even include the ones with all sorts of bangs.

The blunt bob, see photo left, works great to draw your attention to facial features such as the eyes and lips.

The bangs are kept silky straight and long--almost in your eyes.

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Hair Bangs

Are bangs a part of your hair style? Well this year, the bangs are back and quickly become THE hair style fashion of 07.

Just about anyone can wear bangs. There are different types for everyone. For example, there is the normal bang (pictured here), the fringe bang, the choppy bang, the layered bang, the side swept bang, the short or long bang and the not really bangs but looks like bangs.

Before you venture off to the hair salon to get bangs cut, be sure to check out all the options available. If you go with a regular bang and absolutely hate them, it will take several months to grow them out.

So don't make any quick decisions. Look around at all the different styles and maybe even try on a hair style with bangs first --see hairstyles demonstrations at

Shiny Hair

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How do you get shiny hair?

Shiny hair looks like healthy hair. This type of hair is usually taken care of very well. Frequent deep-conditioning treatments, avoidance of chemical services, eating proper nutrition and overal gentle treatment of the hair can help you to get a shiny head of hair.
But what if you can't do all of those things that result in shiny hair? Is there a way to fake it?
Yes there is. There is a hair care product ingredient called silicone that helps to coat the hair cuticle, thus reducing frizz and allowing for the hair to shine.
Two great tricks to getting shiny hair-when you need to fake it--is to flat iron your hair with a ceramic flat iron. The heat helps to seal in the shine. Then blast the hair with a shine serum product that has silicone in it. Just watch your hair shine with these simple tricks.
See and for more tricks to having good hair.

Center Parts

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How do you part your hair?

For years now, the deep side part or zig-zag part has been in style. Now, we are seeing the return of the center part.

This type of style is very simple and straightforward to create on your own. Simply apply a straightening cream throughout your damp hair. Blow dry the hair using a large round brush to direct all layers down.

For the extra smooth finish, you can run a flat iron through your hair from roots to the ends. Finish off with a blast of shine serum.

You can leave your hair all down, or pull back a small section of hair in the crown area and secure into a low ponytail in the back.

This style can be worn for just about any occasion. For formal occasions, dress it up a bit with a decorative barrette or fancy headband.

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Fall Hair Styles

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Renew your hair style for fall

As the summer is winding down, much attention is drawn to preparing for school. If you want to change your hair style, what are the options and what is in style this fall.

Hair style preview. Almost every hair style that is popular today features some sort of layering. The runway models have long layered hair that is curled, straightened or even teaseed for a full look. The medium bob hair style features long layers with the front layers being slightly longer than the back. Short hair styles are full with lots of layering and texturizing.

If you don't know what hair cut you want to get, but you know you want to make some sort of change, then maybe you should consider these options:

1. Add just a few highlights to your hair. You can go to your salon for some quick highlighting. Some salons charge per foil and some have a flat fee for partial highlights.

2. Add bangs. Sometimes you can just add a few wispy bangs for a quick update to your hair style. If you only cut a few bangs, you won't be making a long term committment if you don't like the look.

3. Use hair accessories. There are many new and exciting hair accessories this fall. Try out one of the new colorful headbands that come with a silky scarf attached.

4. Try parting your hair a different way. If you normally part your hair on the side, try a center part.

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Coloring your hair

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Tips for coloring your hair

Do you know any woman, over the age of 20, that doesn't color their hair? When you go down the hair color aisle at the drugstore, you may be overwhelmed by all the choices of hair color and highlighting products.

Hair color products have come a long way and they are still improving as we speak.

Here are a few tips for coloring your hair:

1. Stick with a hair color that works with your hair texture and skin tone and eye color. Generally if your skin is pale or pinkish, you should choose a hair color that is on the cooler side. Warmer colors will complement olive and darker skin. Also if you have thick curly brown hair, you probably shouldn't dye it a light blonde.

2. Start with small changes. Even though you may see celebrities totally changing hair color from one week to the next, you are better off (and so is your hair) if you only do gradual changes. If you want to lighten your hair, just go 1 or 2 shades lighter. Add a few highlights around the face for a different look.

3. Take extra special care of your hair if you color it. Add a weekly deep conditioner to nourish the hair.

In short, hair color can be a great way to liven up your hair style without getting a new hair cut. Be sure to always read the directions and do a test run on one of your hair strands before you actually color it.