Hugh Jackman Hairstyles

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Hugh Jackman layered hairstyle

Hugh Jackman hairstyle with side swept bangs

Emo Haircuts for girls

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Some more cool and funky and lush and awesome emo haircuts for girls

Emo girls hair!

Hayley Williams Pics

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Hayley Williams from Paramore rocking it out with awesome bleach blonde hair!

Hayley William's MTV Awards red carpet look, love the green dress!

Hayley Williams with cool dark red hair.

Blonde, blonde, blonde....The goregous Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams
Backstage before a show:

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Introduction Main Store

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The following snapshot is in our main store.
we started the region on April 2009,
this architecture was designed by Serser Jacobus(Jador).


new hair

2009 hair

2008 hair

collection hair

studio and exhibition by RENA Vita

white board



Short Black Hair Styles

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African-American and black hair is unique in its texture, fragility and moisture content, and all of these things must be considered when choosing a hairstyle. When looking for one suitable for short hair, it's also important to choose a style that won't be difficult to maintain and that will complement the shape of your face.Get highlights or lowlights to bring out the short hairstyle. The right colors to choose depends on your natural skin tone. For a lighter skin tone, you can go with really blonde highlights; or have blonde hair with chestnut brown lowlights. Either of the colors will make the short hairstyle look fuller and more elegant.Medium skin tones can get away with darker blonde highlights and lowlights. Light or sandy brown hair is also fitting. The best color combination for medium--toned black women would be medium brown hair with dusty blonde highlights.Dark-skinned black women have to be careful with color and short hairstyles. On one hand, color can make the dark skin glow and bring out the short style. On the other hand, if color is too light it can take away from the beauty of the short style where only the color is noticeable in a negative way. Go with a dark primary color, like black or chocolate brown. Add reddish or sandy brown highlights to lighten the face and eye color.

Short Hair Styles Photos

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A short hairstyle on a woman can be sleek, sophisticated. It can be cute and perky. It can be funky and cool. Or it can be dated and matronly. Here, we show off dozens of photos of all of the above except dated and matronly. Find your favorite cut, print it out and take it into the salon.The Bob hair cut is one of those classics hairstyles that seem to never go out of trend. No matter what the current fashion goes, it is always there.Bob hairstyles are very versatile and there are many different types of bobbed haircuts, where length and style are concerned. The jaw-length bob is a very popular style. It is not really short, nor long. The perfect length for if you ever decide to grow your hair out again. Also it is the perfect in between stage for when going from long to short hair.


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We established some products in AZUL.
we have been our highly respect this brand. so, we are very happy !!

her produced dress is all very simple and elegance.
perhaps kate makes fomal hair suited her dress.

memorial shot !


Introduction MOOLTO

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we setup this KIOSK that support joining Tukinowaguma Hair Style Group in MOOLTO.
if you are interested in this site, you put down the site and join our group !!


- Tukinowaguma Hair Style Group in MOOLTO
( ※CAUTION : this group is in MOOLTO site and not in Second Life)

if you pull down by this KIOSK at entrance of main store,
i heard that you are easy to join our group :)

new store completed !


Axl Rose Rock Star Hairstyles

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Axl Rose, the lead vocalist of rock band Guns N' Roses, with his rocker hairstyl.

Axl long hairstyle

Rose layered hairstyle

Rose teased hairstyle

Scene Hair Style

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Talking about scene hairstyles and achieveing the awesome scene style. What you will need is razored ends, some long choppy layers and bold crazy colors only limited by your imagination.

Add your tips about styling your Scene Hair in the comments section!

A deep blue black hair color always looks gorgeous!

Add some bleach for blonde streaks!

Be totally original and go crazy with color!

under preparing next hair

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hi ! i am alex.

now preparing next release hairs :)

the following is a name will be Tukinowaguma Leona.

this article is a little flying ... but , because i am very favorite the hair !!

please look forward to the hair :)


Mall Maintenance

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Styles of edo,Shopping mall Architect is renewal !
our hair on the store is renewal, too.

Fashion Village Narkissos,Styles of edo,Shopping mall

 Tukinowaguma is ...


Travis Barker Fanned Mohawk

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Travis Barker Long Fanned Mohawk hairstyle

Travis Barker Mohawk hairstyle

Holographic Glitter Smokey eye

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This is a look I did last week for my house-warming party. It was fancy dress, and the theme was 'Book Characters'. I went as the ice queen from Narnia, and covered myself in glitter, which unfortunately doesn't show up well in the pictures...
Any way, I'll do a tutorial on this soon aswell, and tell you my trick of getting the eyeliner holographic!

This was my outfit, with my best friend (Rapunzel :P)!


Snooks' Glamour Smokey Eye

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Okay, here are some photo's I took of looks I did over the summer. I will make some video tutorials on how to do these looks soon! If you want to ask any questions before I get to do that then I'd love to answer them for you!



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Brown/Black matte eye

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Will be doing tutorial on this soon, ask if you want to know anything in the meantime!xx