Creating your own hair style with hairpieces

Sometimes you might need a little help with your hair. Maybe it won't go the way that you want or it won't stay put.

That's why hairpieces and clip-in extensions were created. See example, left, where a hair piece can be attached to a high ponytail for a very neat look.

Hairpieces can be purchased to match the color of your hair or can even be ordered or matched to any color you might want.

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Prom Hair Styles

It is not too early to start looking for a prom hair style. If you already have your dress picked out or even purchased, then you should start looking for just the right hair style.

Christina Aguilera, left, has a great curly hair style that would work great for a prom look. You can add a decorative barrette, maybe with a few small flowers.

To create the all over curly hair style, apply a curl-enhancing hair product all over the hair and blow dry using a diffuser attachment.

To add all-over curls, use a small to medium barrell curling iron, alternating the curls throughout the hair. Hot rollers are also an option to create the curls. Always allow the hair to completely cool before positioning any curls.

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Long Bangs

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How to make a good hair style great

Sometimes you just need to tweak your hair style a little bit to make it look totally awesome. Here is a great example, see photo left, of how adding bangs to your hair style make your facial features stand out.

These bangs are very long, past the eyebrows. They work great to camouflage a high forehead and draw attention to other facial features.

Notice how the hair is partially pulled back and sparkly earrings are added to finish off the touch.

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Drew Barrymore Hair Styles

Long and soft curls are in style today. Many celebrities are showing off their magnificent curls. Drew Barrymore, pictured at left, is wearing a great curly long hair style that is just the right shade of hair color.

To create this style on your own, apply a styling cream or curl-enhancing cream throughout your hair. Blow dry the hair using a diffuser attachment and your fingers to shape the hair.

If you do not have naturally curly hair, you may need to add soft waves throughout using a curling iron.

Spray the hair with some shine serum and/or finishing spray to make the hair appear extra shiny!

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Pictured left, Jennifer Lopez in partial, slightly messy updo hair style
Celebrity Hair Styles Selected Every Week
It seems that we are a little bit behind in listing the best celebrity hair styles selected every week. So, here is a list of all the recent styles selected and the dates.
August 28: Mariska Hargitay hair style--she now has long hair with bangs
Sept. 4: Jessica Simpson Bob--she chopped off her hair and went for a medium length bob
Sept. 11: Sarah Jessica Parker--Long, beautiful style that suits her face shape
Sept. 18 Lindsay Lohan--Long hair style

Sept. 25 Naomi Watts - Layered look
Oct. 2 Debra Messing- long retro curls
Oct. 9 Drew Barrymore - Brown color, long
Oct. 16 Victoria Beckham - new medium length choppy hair
Oct. 23 Cameron Diaz-new long layered brown hair style
Oct. 30 Mischa Barton- new long straight style with long bangs
Nov. 6 Sharon Stone- long, straight and sleek
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Medium length hair styles

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Different ways to wear medium hair styles

Our November 2006 Hair Styles Collection features several medium hair styles with choppy layers that can be worn straight or curly.

Nicole Ritchie gives us two great examples of different ways to wear the exact same hair cut. In the curly hair style, the hair is full of soft wave throughout.

In the straight hair style below, the hair is flat ironed so smooth and straight that you can hardly see all of the layers in the hair.

To create the curly hair style, add a curl-enhancing gel throughout the hair and blow dry using your fingers and a diffuser attachment. Apply all over curls using a medium barrel curling iron or hot rollers. Since the curls are loose, you will not need to keep the curling iron in your hair for very long.

To create the straight and smooth hair style, apply a straightening cream throughout the hair and blow dry with a large round brush or a large paddle brush. Apply a heat protectant hair product to the hair and flat iron the hair from roots to the ends.

Two great hair styles, one hair cut. Thank you Nicole Ritchie for your fabulous hair style fashion examples!

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Great hair styles with bangs

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Hair Styles with Bangs

Bangs are coming back IN Style in a big way this fall and coming winter. Different variations of medium to long bangs, wispy to fringe bangs are showing up everywhere in the celebrity world.

Check out the hair style above, that is featured in our November Hair Styles Collection, online at

The bangs are just touching the eyebrows and the are not exactly a straight across bang. The ends are slightly notched and they taper downwards on the sides.

These types of bangs are great for covering a high forehead and drawing attention to the eyes. See how Selma Blair's eyes just stand out now with these bangs?

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